Old Coins Sell (June) Best Price Available Old Coins Sell (Feb) Best Price Available Old Coins Sell (Feb) Best Price Available >> The guide shares details about the process of selling old coins on a portal.

Who doesn’t want to earn easy money? If you have the hobby of collecting old coins from yesteryears, then you get the opportunity to earn handsome money out of it. Please continue reading to learn more.

Many people in India are making money out of the old coins by selling them at the leading B2B portals, including So, if you also have the collection of coins from yesteryears, you may stand a chance to earn up to millions and billions of rupees. Old Coins Sell portal lets you sell coins from yesteryears for handsome money.   

How does the Process work?

There is a trend in India to sell old things for money or exchange it for new ones. Similarly, people having the collection of old coins from yesteryears that are not in circulation today are earning millions of money by selling them on

The coin holders have to visit the website and upload images of the rare coins they have. The interested buyers contact them to buy the coins and pay them handsome money for the old coins. 

However, there are specific steps you have to follow at the Old Coins Sell portal. We will discuss the steps below.

Before you register and start selling old coins, you must understand that there is no guarantee that you will win millions of money. There is a bit of luck involved, and you earn depending upon your negotiation skills. 

It depends on the seller and buyers what value they agree to sell or buy the old coins on Let us learn the methods of registering and selling old coins at

How to Register on Old Coins Sell Portal?

If you harbor the hobby of collecting old currencies or coins, you can easily become a millionaire by selling the coins at Here is how to register and start selling old coins at

  • Go to the official website 
  • Register yourself as a seller by sharing your name, address, and phone number     
  • Upload clear images of the old and rare coins 
  • Wait till any interested buyer approach you after viewing the images
  • Negotiate with the buyer online 
  • Settle down with a price and sell the coin for instant cash Old Coins Sell portal is not liable for the negotiation or valuation of the coins. It depends on the seller’s skill, and the amount is agreed upon after the negotiation between the seller and buyer.  

What are the Types of Coins Available for Sale? has different types of old coins for sale. Here is the list of old coins:

  • One Rupee Old Coin
  • 19th Centaury 1935 One Quarter Anna Old Coin
  • Copper-Nickel Indira Gandhi 5 Rupee Big Coin
  • Gold Old Coin 1650 Chhatrapati Shivaji the King 
  • 1918 One Rupee Coin
  • Silver 19th Century Old Coin
  • Pre-18th Century Holkar State Coin 

These are some of the old coins that are available for sale on the Old Coins Sell portal.


The portal has become a reliable source for people who want to trade old coins. 

If you also collect old coins from yesteryears, register today at  and start selling the old coins for additional income. Use the above steps to register on the website as a seller and negotiate with the buyers to sell your coins at the highest value in the market. As a result, earn thousands of rupees out of your old coins.  

Have you ever sold any old coin on Old Coins Sell portal? Which platform you used, and how much profit you made? Please share it in the comment section. 

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