Apenft Binance (June) Price, Prediction, How To Buy

Apenft Binance (June) Price, Prediction, How To Buy?

Apenft Binance (June) Price, Prediction, How To Buy? >> Are you a BTT, JST, TRX, or any other crypto token holder? Then please read this entire piece of writing to know the benefits of detaining these crypto tokens.

Hello viewers! Today’s topic is hot-trending news related to the crypto market.

Are you among the active crypto investors? Then you must be aware of the Binance exchange. So, in today’s editorial, we shall discuss some exceptional steps taken by the Binance exchange related to the APENFT.

Stay tuned to this write-up about Apenft Binance to know about this trending news in depth.

About the Binance Exchange:

Binance is an online platform where crypto investors can trade their cryptocurrencies. It supports all major cryptocurrencies issued Worldwide. It is among the top exchange platforms used by crypto investors all over the world to perform their crypto market trades.

It was founded in 2017 and as of April 2021, it was the largest crypto exchange platform. It also provides an e-wallet where you can store your e-funds. 

About the APENFT platform:

APENFT initiated its journey as NFT Fund and it transfers the world’s top-quality artifacts into the TRON Blockchains. It has issued just one token named NFT. 

This NFT token of APENFT will be airdropped to JST, BTT, and TRX holders from the 10th of June.

Apenft Binance Airdrop News:

As per the latest news, Binance has issued its support for the APENFT Airdrop program (JST, TRX & BTT Holders).

 As Binance is supporting this Airdrop program of APENFT, from June 2021 till June 2023, on the 10th of each month at 12:00 UTC, it will capture the airdrops harmonically.

The tokens issued by APENFT will be airdropped on the Binance platform to the holders of BitTorrent (BTT), JUST (JST), and TRON (TRX).

5% of the overall APENFT (NFT) supply can be airdropped to TRC20-ETH, JST, TRX, BTT, TRC20-TUSD, and TRC20-BTC holders as a reward. 

Criteria to enjoy the Airdrop of Apenft Binance:

Some basic criteria need to be fulfilled to enjoy this Airdrop service. The NFT issued for BTT, JST, or TRX holder will depend upon how much BTT, JST, or TRX are held by them:

  • 100 TRX
  • Or 2,000 BTT
  • Or 100 JST

Also, it will depend on the overall quantity of JST, BTT, and TRX detained by the Binance exchange at the snapshot period.

Reason for this Airdrop:

The main reason for taking this step is to gear up the engagements of the TRON users and to reinforce the authority of the APENFT policy. Hence, APENFT Foundation took the decision to Airdrop the APENFT (NFT) tokens to TRC20-ETH, JST, TRX, BTT, TRC20-TUSD, and TRC20-BTC holders, through this policy of Apenft Binance.

The airdrops will serve as an encouraging crypto coin enticement by the APENFT platform to the TRON network.

Community review:

After screening the entire internet, we observed that the traders and viewers were confused about his step taken by the Binance team. Hence, we decided to collect all the required details about this news and formulate this report to make our readers familiar with this trending crypto news.

Also, APENFT and Binance team have issued an official notice related to this Airdrop on their official pages and its social media pages and you can also visit here to get more details on Apenft 

Final Verdict:

As per Apenft Binance, there will be an overall benefit for the TRC20-ETH, JST, TRX, BTT, TRC20-TUSD, and TRC20-BTC holders by this step. Also, it will encourage users to detain these tokens in good quantity to avail the benefits. 

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