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[Watch] Imrankhan Judge Viral Video: Check What Is In The Humayun Dilawar Viral Mms Leaked On Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, Tiktok

Imrankhan Judge Viral Video will discuss what is in viral news about Judge Humayun Dilawar.

Do you know what is there in a Humayun Dilawar viral video? Why is the news about this viral video trending on the internet Worldwide? Is this because of any of his past judgments? Things quickly get trending on social media, and let us explore the reason behind Imrankhan Judge Viral Video.

What is the latest news?

The news is reported from London, where Judge Humayun Dilawar reached with his family to attend the judicial conference. From the reports, it is said that initially, his name was not there on the list of attendees. However, Humayun Dilawar was invited after the recommendation of Islamabad High Court’s chief justice. The conference is held from 5 August to 13 August at the University of Hull.

After he reached the university, a substantial uncontrollable crowd awaited him but not to welcome him!

What is there in a Humayun Dilawar Viral Mms Leaked On Twitter?

A leaked viral video is all over the internet suggesting none of the judges ever have faced such criticism. While the University of Hull tried to control the crowd assembled. Still, after an unsuccessful attempt, they took the Judge out from there. It all happened after a viral Mms of Judge leaked on the internet.

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Why did the crowd gather outside the university?

The crowd gathered to support Imran Khan. Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan was taken in custody for not declaring the money he earned. According to viral news on Reddit, he was charged with three-year prison and a fine of Rs 1 lakh. 

We can see the reaction of Imran Khan’s supporters when they protest outside the University of Hull to criticize the decision. 

How did people react to the viral Tiktok videos?

People are showing their concern about the injustice that Imran Khan is facing. On the other hand, Dilawar’s viral video captured the media’s attention from the U.K. to Pakistan. Pakistani Flag waved, criticizing Judge Dilawar. Others waved red and green flags demanding the release of their EX PM.

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PTI supporters protest outside Hull university where the judge who convicted imran khan is attending a training session. Hull Uni has said it will not expel Judge Humayun Dilawar and he will attend the full course.
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The information is taken from a trusted source and drafted here after a thorough search on the internet. We intend not to defame anyone through this post but provide genuine information.


The news of the leaked video of Judge Dilawar is everywhere after he gave judgment in the case of Imran Khan’s Toshakhana case. People gathered outside the University of Hull to support their former Prime Minister Imran Khan. You can watch a video explaining why Humayun Dilawar is in serious trouble here.

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Imrankhan Judge Viral Video- FAQs

Q1. Who is Humayun Dilawar?

He is a Judge at the Additional District and Sessions Court in Islamabad.

Q2. What verdict did he make on the Toshakhana case?

In the case, the verdict resulted in Imran Khan in prison as well as a fine of 1 lakh Rs.

Q3. Where Humayun Dilawar attended the conference?

The University of Hull invited him to attend the judicial conference.

Q4. What is there in a viral video?

A video viral on Telegram showed leaked mms of the Judge’s wife, Ayesha Dilawar.

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