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Anc Councillor Video Leaked- Viral Trending Video On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram, Twitter!

The article highlights the points related to Anc Councillor Video Leaked online and tries to find the reason behind posting such videos publically.

Have you encountered a trending video circulated online by the Anc Councillor? People from South Africaare shocked to find the news circulating on WhatsApp, and the video contains explicit content. Soon after the video was released, the Tebogo Sepale party suspended the councillor. 

We will discuss the Anc Councillor Video Leaked online and try to find all the related details associated with the viral video.

Disclaimer –We do not intend to hurt the sentiments of people, and the news mentioned here is extracted from authentic sources.

What is present in the video?

The viral video shows the ANC ward councillor in an explicit scene with a young man. In the video scenes, he is in his office wearing the ANC jacket and appears to be physically involved with another man. The councillor placed his phone in a definite position to capture the whole session, and he is seen constantly looking into the camera the whole time.

Anc Councillor video Viral On Reddit

The video went viral on various social media, and people shared their use after they came across it online. The concerned authorities are shocked after finding one of his representatives engaged in an explicit act. They also said they had received various complaints against him, and he currently has an ongoing case with law enforcement agencies.

YouTube links available for the video

People are searching for YouTube links, but let us tell you that people may not come across the video online as it violates the user’s terms and policies and contains appropriate content, which is not allowed for anyone to post publicly. He is suspended, which will stay in effect until a complete disciplinary process occurs. 

Can the users see the Video On Twitter?

The video went viral on Twitter, but now it has been taken down from the platform. However, many social media users have posted various links on their account that promises to provide complete with you, but some of them are fake, while others are kept from being opened. 

Anc Councillor Trending Video

The viral video watch posted on black social phones by the NC counsellor himself as he can be seen shooting the complete video and constantly looking into the camera as if he intended to make the video and post it online. The reason behind his intention is unknown, and we will update any more information related to this matter as soon as we come across the information.

People’s Reaction on Instagram

The video is not allowed to be posted on Instagram. Still, several channels have discussed this incident, and people are shocked to find a public representative getting involved in an explicit activity, making a video, and posting it online. People are eager to know why he did this and the real motive behind posting the video publicly.

Is the video Viral on TikTok?

We have not encountered any tik tok links or videos showcasing the explicit video. If it is shared online, the authorities must have taken it down, as people of all ages visit the platform for fun and entertainment.

Availability of the video on Telegram channels

It isn’t easy to find out whether the video was shared on Telegram. Many groups and private channels transfer these contents, but they are kept private, and hence the users are aware of whether the video is available on the Telegram platform.

Social media links




The ANC ward councillor is suspended, and strict action is taken against him by the official authorities. They said he had spoiled the community, and it is a pity to know that his victims range from young women to old. Reports suggest that he got married in December last year, and the reason behind such incidents is unknown.

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Anc Councillor Video Leaked-FAQs

  1. What is seen in the video?

The video shows the ANC ward councillor doing explicit activity with another man.

  1. Who is the other man in the video?


  1. What action did the authority take against him?

He is suspended until all the disciplinary process takes place.

  1. What is the reason behind posting such videos online?

The reason is unknown yet.

  1. Which foundation has stood against the ward councillor?

Kwanele Foundation.

  1. What has one of the Twitter users revealed?

He said that the ward councillor used to have physical intimacy with the people before employing them.

  1. Is the video available online?


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