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Seismic Waves Card Scam: Explore The Real Truth Behind This Whatsapp Virus Fraud Here

Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere about the Seismic Waves Card Scam to learn about a fake conception trending on WhatsApp.

Did you know that Los Alamos National Lab had developed a Seismic Waves Card? Did you know the Seismic Waves Card is used Worldwide to create maps that show variation in the earth’s crust to identify high-risk earthquake areas? Then, what is the Seismic Waves Card Scam about? Let’s check!

About Seismic Waves Card fraud:

A message started circulating on the WhatsApp platform after the earthquake in Morocco on 8th September 2023. The earthquake’s magnitude was recorded as 6.8 in intensity about 72 miles southwest of Marrakech, in the province of Al Haouz.

The pictures of the Morocco earthquake were shared on social media platforms, showing the suffering of people losing their houses and families. More than 2,862 people were reported dead. However, the trend took a different turn on the WhatsApp application.

A message was circulated on WhatsApp that included the term Seismic Waves Card. The Seismic Waves Card Whatsapp included several pictures related to the Morocco earthquake. The sender of the message requested to share the images to make people aware of the situation in Morocco.

But the pictures were redundant. It contained news-related pictures of Portuguese errors, an alarmist tone, and vague character. Since 8th September 2023, the WhatsApp messages started circulating extensively. 

The Morocco earthquake message informed the users that they would receive such messages containing a file named Seismic Waves Card that would hack the user’s phone in ten seconds. There is no way to stop it. Hence, it is best to avoid accessing the message. 

Seismic Waves Card Hoax:

The Seismic Waves Card is unrelated to any virus (or) malware in the Morocco earthquake message circulating on Whatsapp. Seismic Waves Card technology anticipated the Morocco earthquake, differentiating the earth’s numerous boundary layers, including the mantle, the crust, and the core. These factors are, in turn, used by scientists to determine high-risk areas for an earthquake.

China verified the message and stated that images in WhatsApp do not spread a virus, and the second message warning about the Seismic Waves Card virus is a hoax. The only way users’ mobile phones can be hacked via the Seismic Waves Card Virus WhatsApp application is by including links to malicious websites, which can gain access to users’ devices (or) lure the users into a phishing scam.

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The plot of Seismic Waves Card virus:

In the past, several such messages circulated with similar text and images. It made the users panic as Whatsapp has privileges to access users’ contacts, storage, gallery, pictures, videos, and documents. Hence, such messages created a havoc. Such messages were related to volcanoes in Chile, the Martinelli virus, COVID-19 in Argentina, Etc.

The identity of the person who created and circulated the Seismic Waves Card Fake Whatsapp message is yet to be traced. However, by now, the message is present among global users. The motive behind circulating such a message is unclear. 

However, it is anticipated that scammers may want people to avoid checking images and news related to the Morocco earthquake. Secondly, the scammers aimed to create havoc by taking advantage of a natural event.

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Several sources on the internet stated that the Morocco earthquake message redirected the users to a website that repeatedly displays ads. However, images in WhatsApp cannot include a link to third-party websites, as WhatsApp is not an HTML development tool. Analyses of the Seismic Waves Card Scam by China stated the same. The term Seismic Waves Card is misused in the Morocco earthquake Whatsapp message.

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