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Ihateharrys Com Commercial {March} What Is Its Statement

Know about Ihateharrys Com Commercial, aiming to demolish Harry’s for their political decision to terminate advertisement with The Daily Wire.

Did you know that 3 minutes and 55 seconds Ihateharrys Commercial is trending in the United States, the United KingdomCanada, and Australia? On YouTube alone, Ihateharrys Commercial published on 22nd March was viewed by 4,948,303! 

The description of the commercial stated that Harry’s Razors had pulled their advertisement from Daily Wire due to “values misalignment.” Let us check the sequence of events that triggered the Ihateharrys Com Commercial campaign.


Did you know that YouTube description also stated that Stop giving money to corporations that hate you? Instead, Give it to god king? Jeremy’s Razors Kit is available for sale at $59.99, containing shave cream, weighted razor, and post-shave balm. 

At The Daily Wire, Shapiro works as an editor emeritus covering news and culture war issues. Earlier, Shapiro had appeared at the anti-abortion March. Soon, Jeremy Boreing, on 22nd March 2022, announced the launch of Jeremy’s Razors aiming at anti-Harry’s razors campaign. On 16th March, Ben Shapiro twitted about I Hate Harrys with a picture of a razor on his throat and stated that Harry drew the blood first and it’s our turn now! 

Harry’s brand is well known for donating more than $8 million for providing mental health assistance to more than 900K individuals, including veterans, men of color, Black men, students, and LGBTQ communities. Jeff Raider, the Co-CEO of Harry’s, stated that they had created grooming products for everyone (including LGBTQ), promoting equitable access to everyone.

Jeff Raider wanted to clear that they will draw a line for hated remarks, in Harrys Razors Twitter. He referred to Michael Knowles homophobic remarks during one of the episodes of The Michael Knowles Show. One of the Twitter users – @flyingsodacan1 had reported to Harry’s that The Daily Wire was podcasting transphobic content.

Harry’s took serious consideration of the complaint as they were advertising with the show. It pointed out that the general public is associating Harry’s brand for promoting shows that podcast transphobic and homophobic content. Hence, Harry’s decided to terminate their advertisement with The Daily Wire. Their decision was not due to any economic effect on the brand. 

About Ihateharrys Com Commercial:

Jeremy Boreing, the co-CEO of The Daily Wire said that they respected the values of Harry’s brand. But, their podcast did not aim to insult any specific community (including LGBTQ), and Harry’s brand had misalignment views on the content Michael Show. Hence, the decision to terminate advertisement with The Daily Wire shouldn’t be on political grounds.


Ihateharrys Commercial tries to make people understand that individuals have their own views, and there are lots of rumors people will speak about. Hence, Ihateharrys Commercial tries to signal Harry’s users to just ‘shut up and shave’, a punchline that is extensively shown in advertisement. Ihateharrys Com Commercial tries to convince viewers not to waste their money on Harry’s products and to buy Jeremy’s Razors Kit.

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