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Larry Ellison Indian Wells 2022 {March} Some Details!

Larry Ellison Indian Wells 2022 and its owner Larry Ellison are trending this year; read to know more about it.

Do you know who owns the famous Indian Wells? What is the current status of Indian Wells 2022?

The renowned tennis tournament is currently ongoing. With all the hubbub surrounding the said tournament, Indian Wells and its owner Larry Ellison are trending all over the internet. 

The Indian Wells was founded in 1974; it is currently owned by Larry Ellison. Tennis fans Worldwide are searching about Larry Ellison Indian Wells 2022

Find out why the search is trending.

Indian Wells is a place where one gets to see excellent sportsman spirit. It is a favourite place for tennis fans from all over the world.

Located in California, United States, the Indian wells is currently owned by Larry Ellison. Tommy Haas directs the tournament. The operators of the Indian Wells are Charlie Pasarell and Raymond Moore.

Larry Ellison is executive chairman and also Oracle’s co-founder. He is also a tennis lover. Lately, the Indian Wells fans have been curious about his love life.

The recent news articles and fans are gushing about his personal life and the ongoing tennis tournament.

What is Larry Ellison Girlfriend Age?

Read more about Larry’s personal life.

73-year-old Larry Ellison had been divorced four times before. He is also a father of two lovely children, Megan and David. According to sources, his current girlfriend is Nikita Kahn.

Nikita Kahn is the long-time girlfriend of Larry. Kahn hails from Ukraine and is a famous model, animal lover, business-women, and actress.

She was born in 1991; her age comes out to be 30. Iryna Osipova is her other name. There are little to no details regarding her family on the internet. However, the couple’s relationship is going well.

Tournaments held in Larry Ellison Indian Wells 2022

Indian Wells Open is, also known as BNP Paribas Open, is a tennis tournament annually held in early and mid-march at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden in Indian Wells, California. 

The Indian Wells Open 2022 is currently going on in California. So far, the tournament this year has succeeded in keeping the fans hooked and happy.

Indian Wells Open, latest win.

Tennis fans this year have witnessed a historic win! 

Taylor Fritz of California has defeated Rafael Nadal, the 21 times GrandSlam champion.

With this defeat, Rafael Nadal’s 20 matches winning streak has ended. 

Here is more about Taylor Fritz records in Larry Ellison Indian Wells 2022

With the win against Rafael Nadal, Taylor Fritz has become the first American player to win an M1000 since Miami2018.

Taylor Fritz is now the first to win the ATP draw in Indian Wells since Andre Agassi in 2001. Tennis fans all over the world are thrilled.


Larry Ellison, the current owner of Indian Wells, is dating Nikita Kahn. Taylor Fritz has achieved a historical win against Rafael Nadal about the ongoing tennis tournament. The tennis fans are impressed and happy. 

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