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Ielly Gabriele Alves Video Leaked on Twitter – Read Jatai Instagram Details

Check the viral Ielly Gabriele Alves Video Leaked on Twitter and Instagram and the news of a Jatai, Brazil lady.

Have you watched a short clip of a Brazilian lady filming her death? What happened with Ielly Gabriele Alves when she was recording the video? The video of a lady from Brazil is now viral after her death. Let us see the complete news in our post, Ielly Gabriele Alves Video Leaked on Twitter.

What is in Ielly Gabriele Alves Video Leaked on Twitter?

A shocking footage of a woman who does know she will die in the next moment is viral on the internet. The news was reported on Saturday, November 4 Saturday, of a 23-year-old lady Ielly Gabriele Alves. This horrific incident is captured on her own phone. According to the report of this incident, Police were called to a hospital, where Alves was admitted with a gunshot wound. But Gabriele Alves had already lost her life before the Police arrived.

How did Brazil Ielly Gabriele Alves Jatai die?

Upon inquiring about the incident, Alves’s boyfriend, Diego Fonseca Borges, who brought her to the hospital, claimed he was driving the vehicle when two people on a bike followed them. And suddenly, one among them pulled a firearm and shot his girlfriend. But police inquiry was not limited to Diego’s reply as they were suspicious of how he replied. 

Later inquiry revealed the execution footage recorded on Alves’s phone, and Police were able to identify Diego’s crime.

Gabriele recorded the moment with her boyfriend, which is now viral after Ielly Gabriele Alves Video Leaked on TwitterAlves was heard laughing before her boyfriend turned around and aimed a gun in her direction. She had no idea what he would do next and thought it was a joke. But he fired one shot at her, and she dropped her phone and fell to the ground. The incident was reported in Jatai in the southwest of Goias, Brazil.

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What does Ielly Gabriele Alves Instagram viral image suggest?

After the viral Twitter video, Gabriele’s close friend reported that Alves had already been threatened by his boyfriend. She shared an image of the conversation, which is now viral on Instagram. According to the screenshot, she, as a friend, advised Alves to take protective measures if he threatened her again. According to Ielly Gabriele Alves Instagram friend post, Diego beats her a lot and already said he will kill her. Alves’s mother also confessed the same day Alves told her she decided to end her relationship with her boyfriend.

Is Diego Fonseca Borges arrested?

Police arrested Diego on November 4 in the act, and will be charged with qualified homicide and domestic violence. He could potentially face up to 12-30 years in prison.


A video of a woman who recorded the incident before her death helped Police to identify the fake story made by her boyfriend. Now, the Ielly Gabriele Alves Video Leaked on Twitter and is viral online. It is disturbing to watch what happened to Ielly Gabriela Alves, and it has a deep and lasting impact on society. If you want to watch the video of 

Ielly Gabriele Alves, you can check it here.

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Disclaimer: The article is based on the viral incident in Jatai and contains sensitive footage. We are writing it for the information purpose.

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