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{Full Watch Video} DJ Johnny Walker Video Leaked On Twitter: Details On Shot Dead Clip Reddit

We bring to you exclusive details of the incident where a journalist was Shot Dead DJ Johnny Walker Video Leaked on Twitter and Reddit.

The murder of Johny is viewed seriously in the Philippines and the United States as a threat to the security of journalists. Since President Ferdinand Marcos Jr came to power in June/2022. Let’s check the details of the Shot Dead DJ Johnny Walker Video Leaked on Twitter incident.

About DJ Johnny Walker Video Leaked on Twitter:

The footage of Jhonny’s murder was posted on @AttentiveCEE status page – 1721447709402345865 on the afternoon of 6th/November/2023. As of writing, the Twitter video gained 414 views but no shares.

It was a typical day for Johnny on Sunday, the 5th/November/2023, when he sat down at his desk in front of a mic to broadcast his Cebuano-language show on a famous radio station – 94.7 Gold FM. The 94.7 Gold FM allows DJs and journalists to host their podcasts in the comfort of their homes due to the requirement of a remote working profile. 

Fottage of DJ Johnny Walker Reddit:

@u/hereforUFOdisclosure also shared the video on Reddit @r/SomeOfYouMayDie NSFW community pages with 167k subscribers.The Reddit administrator removed two related posts by @u/KuroXBota and @u/xCosmos69 due to a violation of Reddit policies and agreements. 

Johnny was broadcasting his show from his home-based studio on the island of Mindanao. His studio was professionally set up, with the background showing a banner of 94.7 Gold FM, a noise-canceling HD mic, and a CCTV/web camera placed in the proximity of his desk. The show was live, and the live advertisement in the video showed that Johnny’s show was also getting live-streamed on Goli FM 94.7.

Incident of DJ Johnny Walker Shot Dead:

While Jhonny was busy inside his studio speaking on the Mic, an unidentified person entered his house, stating that he wanted to make a live announcement. The man hurried and entered a home-based studio. At the same time, Jhonny was able to see the man approaching him. For a moment, Jhonny paused his speech and stared at the man.

Jhonny didn’t have time to react as he was concentrating on his broadcast, wearing noise-cancellation headphones. Within two seconds of a man getting noticed, Jhonny was targeted and shot dead at the site.

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Video of DJ Johnny Walker Shot Dead:

The intention of the murderer is not revealed as his whereabouts are yet to be traced, and further investigations are possible after his arrest. The man shot two bullets on Jhonny’s head. Jhonny did not even have time to understand what was going on. Blood gushed out of Jhonny’s mouth, and he fell back on his office chair and lay dead.

But, before leaving, the man grabbed a golden chain from Jhonny’s neck. However, it is unbelievable that the man committed murder just to steal a golden chain by taking high-risk of entering a CCTV-monitored home-based studio, revealing his face to the people at the studio (not included on DJ Johnny Walker Reddit video), and escaping with a thought process that he will not get traced!

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The video was 00:00:29 minutes long, 311kB for 270P resolution, 674kB for 360P, and 1,552kB for 720P. Johnny’s murder video is publicly accessible. Ferdinand condemned the incident and ordered a probe, Tweeting that such incidents threaten freedom of press in a democratic country, such attacks on journalists will not be tolerated, and the murderer will face full consequences.

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