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Ichello Token (Jan 2022) Prediction, Contract Address!

This topic below has comprehensive details of Ichello Token, a newly launched digital asset having a platform combining artists, technology and music. 

Ichello, a newly created crypto, has spectacularly begun its operations in the crypto sector.

It is a business from Brazil that seeks to change the virtual technology platform in the creative environment with Smart Contracts, bringing innovation to the consumer market.

You may know the complete details of the Ichello Token and its distinctive platform through the details below.

What is the Ichello crypto token?

Caco Nogueira, the composer behind big songs like ” And there time, Chitozinho e Xororo “,  ” Cê topa, Luan Santana “, ” É tense, Fernando e Sorocaba “, Bruno e Marrone “, ” Isso ce num conta, and many more, has contributed words to the site. 

Private shows, network events, exclusive access, and even shares in music rights are all available through the platform, which caters to many musicians. 

For more facts about Ichello, you may keep reading.

Who founded Ichello Token?

Bruno Perdigo is the company’s creator, a popular and sought-after music producer with over 23 decades of work expertise, and a producer and musician for the country combo and Fabiano César Menotti.

Bruno has already worked with more than five thousand artists, including names like Rafael, Danilo Reis, and Gabi Martins.”

You may consider the magnitude of this possibility, as the platform initiates to make this into a business with tremendous economic possibilities for both the audience and the artist, with no bureaucracy that traditional media would demand.

Is the Ichello Token a good investment? 

In token format, well-known and exclusive music archives are presented over a blockchain in this token.

Concert recordings are available and are stored over a blockchain. Besides, copyright security is maintained over a blockchain for exclusive compositions.

It consists of distinctive virtual assets, including videos, photos, or other forms of virtual media goods that have an ownership certificate and may be regarded as distinctive.

So, this is the perfect opportunity to avoid dreaming about your preferred musicians or artists and look at what Ichello’s platform has to offer.

How to get the token?

You may participate in the pre-sale of Ichello Token and know the token details and analysis through its official crypto platform. You may get everyday updates on this newly launched crypto-token,

Smart Contracts are a powerful, safe, and simple way of buying and selling assets with numerous resources and advantages for people already in this industry area.

Also, in the particular instance of assets held by Artists, smart contracts are largely implemented through non-fungible tokens or NFTs.

Price Statics of Ichello:

  • Price-  0.0245625778 USD
  • Token Type- BEP 20
  • date Added- January 10, 2022
  • Launch date of Ichello Token is October 17, 2021
  • 24 Hours Volume- 12 088 USD
  • Market Cap- 49 125 155 USD
  • Liquidity- 9 USD
  • Total Supply- 2 000 000 000
  • Holders- 2 186
  • Decimals- 9
  • Contract Address- 0xb4cc9fcc99673661cb0727891693ad7ecbb94507 

Frequently Asked Question

Q –  What is the launch date of Ichello coin?

A – The launch date of the token is 17-10-2021. 

Q – What is the Contract Address of the Token?

A – Investors are aware about the importance of contract address. The contract address of the token is 0xb4cc9fcc99673661cb0727891693ad7ecbb94507 


Ichello Token is a cryptocurrency designed to help people find and engage in entertainment, concerts, and music projects.

The major objective of the ICHELLO Technology and Music Arts idea Ichello Token of is the merging of revolutionary innovation and the arts sector. All can get more details on Ichello crypto token

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