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Looks Token Price (Jan) Contract Address, How To Buy?

In this post, you will learn about an NFT marketplace, LooksRare and Looks Token Price.

Do you think Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are the future? Then this post is for you. In this post, we are discussing an NFT marketplace that is getting attention from the investors of the United States and throughout the world. NFTs are a trending term in the crypto world and are taken as digital assets in art, creation, digital lands, and game stuff.

We will discuss LooksRare, an NFT marketplace with interesting arts in it. Let us discuss more Looks Token Price further in this post. 

What is LooksRare? 

As mentioned, it is an NFT marketplace that aims to take on one of the most famous NFT marketplace OpenSea. It also offers an airdrop to OpenSea users, which of course, have some rules and if you are an OpenSea user, you should check out the airdrop as soon as it ends.

The arts you will see on this platform are quite interesting and fun, and you can buy and sell NFTs at a very affordable price because Looks Token Price is very low currently. You can earn the LooksRare token by staking, trading, and providing Liquidity.

Founders of LooksRare

The officials of this platform haven’t revealed much about their personal information on the platform. However, they have named the team members with exciting anime names and given them on their GitHub accounts. Here are some of the names of team members:

  • Guts – Co-founder.
  • Zodd – Co-founder.
  • Shisui – Tech Lead.
  • Arya – Community and marketing.

The list can go on, but there’s not much you will know from this list because it is just anime character names.

Looks Token Price Today

The current price of the LOOKS token is $2.85, and it has been up by 14.61% in the last 24 hours. The token is highly volatile, and it is not guaranteed to go up only. You should analyze and see the current price before buying it.

Statistics of LooksRare

  • Ticker – LOOKS.
  • Trading Volume(24h) – $307,021,322.54,
  • Contract address – 0xf4d2888d29d722226fafa5d9b24f9164c092421e.
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap – $515,711,113.75.
  • Total Supply – 200,000,000 LOOKS.
  • Max Supply – 200,000,000 LOOKS.
  • All time Low – $1.97.
  • All time High – $2.90.

How To Buy LooksRare? 

Now that you know Looks Token Priceyou might want to buy it. So, there is a section for beginners on the official platform that says learn to buy LOOKS, but that is not currently working. But the token is available to buy on two very famous platforms PancakeSwap, and UniSwap. 

If you have purchased any tokens from the above platforms before, buying this token will be easy for you, but if you are a beginner, you might have some difficulties buying this token. Make sure to check out the community and research before buying this token.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q1. What is the official platform of LooksRare?

A1. The official website of LooksRare is https://looksrare.org/.

Q2. What is Looks Token Price?

A2. Currently, it is $2.85.

Q3. What is the contract address of LooksRare?

A3. The contract address of LooksRare is 0xf4d2888d29d722226fafa5d9b24f9164c092421e.

Q4. What is the best cryptocurrency to invest in in 2022?

A4. Visit here to learn about the best crypto token to invest in 2022

The Final Verdict

If you want to buy NFTs, you should first conduct detailed research, and then if any art looks good to you, you should take decisions accordingly. To know more about LooksRare, you should check out here.

Do you think LooksRare can take on the OpenSea marketplace? Tell us about your views in the comment section below. Also, share this Looks Token Price post to inform others about this marketplace. 

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