How to Buy Defi Pet Egg 2021.

How to Buy Defi Pet Egg (July) Token Price, How to Buy?

How to Buy Defi Pet Egg (July) Token Price, How to Buy? >> Get well known for the amazing virtual game and the process to upgrade your level by purchasing eggs. Hurry up.

Do you love to play the virtual pet game offered by the My Defi Pet? Are you looking for the process to purchase eggs in the game? Then today’s content is here to introduce you to details of the game and its features.

Cryptocurrency and its leading success is due to the people who have invested their money to purchase the currency. The DPET token is becoming popular in the Philippines because it allows them to trade and earn profits.

Most gamers are curious to know How to Buy Defi Pet Egg? So let’s explore to get the answer.

What is My Defi Pet?

It is an online game that brings traditional experience to its users by combining the Defi network features to collectibles. The platform provides an opportunity for gamers to collect, breed, trade, battle the monsters and add rewards of 100,000 USDT every season.

The growth of the main character depends on the in-game currency earned by you. Every hour brings a new monster to you, but its bidding last for one day only. 

How to Buy Defi Pet Egg? Well, DPET tokens play a major role in accessing the eggs. To know the process in detail, keep reading the article.

Founders of My Defi Pet

Lelm Thal is the co-founder and the creator of the game. He was awarded the best game of the year 2016, whereas Tommy Lee holds the position of the game marketer. Moreover, other team members, including producer, developer, and CEO, have contributed to offering an amazing gaming platform to the gamers that brings fun and helps them earn rewards.

To purchase the token and get well-known with the answer of How to Buy Defi Pet Egg, we must get the details of the tokenomics.

Price Chart of the token

  • Price – $4.72
  • Trading volume – $20, 167, 383.10
  • Volume – 0.6222
  • Market rank – 496
  • Market cap – $32,414,092.11
  • 24h low /24h high – $2.64/ $5.95
  • Price change – $1.97
  • 7d low /7d high – $0.8002 /$5.95

Live Price of My Defi Pet

The token is currently available at the top most crypto exchanging platforms for $4.7. Out of the total supply of 100,000,000 DPET, 6,878,272 DPET is circulated to the investors, whereas no details of the maximum supply of the coin are available till now.

How to Buy Defi Pet Egg?

As KardiaChain launches the game, let’s learn how we can purchase the eggs by using the Kardiachain wallet.

  • Open the web browser.
  • Download KardiaChain Wallet.
  • You will have to restore your wallet if you already had 12 seed phrases. Once done, you can now import your wallet to the KardiaChain account.
  • Connect your wallet and click on the option of ‘buy normal eggs.’ 

You must be aware of the fact that the price of 1 egg is 3 DPET. So, your wallet must have enough tokens to access the eggs easily.

We think you might get the answer of How to Buy Defi Pet Egg through the details mentioned above.

Get well-known with the process to buy pet eggs with proper visualization by watching the YouTube video here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the token available on social media apps?

The coin is active on Twitter and Telegram

  • What is the official website of DPET token?


The token is the in-game currency that allows you to purchase eggs and other accessories in the game. So, if you are interested in playing the petting game, then do purchase the token. Don’t forget to explore the details on your own. Moreover, we have tried our best to answer How to Buy Defi Pet Egg.

What are your views about the game? Comment and share with us and get aware of the Best Apps for Cryptocurrency Trading here.

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