Dpet Price Now 2021.

Dpet Price Now (July) Coin Price, Chart, Prediction

Dpet Price Now (July) Coin Price, Chart, Prediction >> Want to know the details of the token that offers the platform to play and win exciting rewards? Read the article here.

The craze of today’s generation to play and earn is booming worldwide. Due to which many online games are being introduced for the players. My Defi Pet is one such game that is becoming popular in the Philippines.

The crypto-token plays a significant role in the game by unlocking the items and upgrading the character. But to purchase the DPET token, you must be aware of the process, market cap value, and price prediction. 

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What is Dpet Token?

Dpet is the main in-game currency of the online virtual game that plays its integral role in accessing the new features. The purpose of the coin is to breed and evolve the monsters, bring special events in the My Defi pet, and help summon the eggs.

The governance system of the platform allows you to set up the game and earn rewards every season. But to access them, you must have the token, and before it, every investor should be aware of Dpet Price Now.

The voting power in the game can be increased by locking the Dpet for a fixed time, increasing the chance of earning rewards.

Founders of the Dpet

My Defi pet was introduced by the decentralised platform named KardiaChain in May 2021. The game was developed by coordinating with TopeBox, which had produced other top online games like Thief Rivals and Sky dancer.

The CEO of the token is Trl Pham. To get the details of the other members of the My Defi pet team, you can visit the official website.

Dpet Price Now and its tokenomics

  • Price – $4.67
  • Variation in the price in 24 hours – $ 2.24
  • 24h low/ 24h high – $2.78 /$5.95
  • Market dominance -0.00%
  • Market cap – $ 32,155,526.18
  • 30d low/ 30d high – $0.5061 / $ 5.95
  • All time high – $5.95
  • All time low – $ 0.263

Live Price of Dpet

The live price of the coin is $4.67, with a 24 hours trading volume of $ 21375410. The value of the token is increased in the last 24 hours. 

Price Prediction of the token

Knowing the Dpet Price Now, it’s necessary to view the price variation of the token in coming years. Well, the coin will increase its price in the future, leading to the profitable investment. It is expected by the crypto forecast platform that the token will raise its price to 2x times. 

The lowest price of the Dpet will be $20.06, whereas the highest price will be $24.58. Moreover, within seven years, the coin price will be $ 22.47.

How to buy a Dpet token?

The Dpet Price Now and its future predictions positively impacted the investors and excited them to know how to add the token to their wallets. Therefore below-mentioned points are there to help you.

  • Register and make your account on the fiat-to-crypto exchanging platform.
  • Purchase USDT with the fiat.
  • Transfer the currency to Altcoin.
  • Confirm your deposits for effective trading.
  • Trade and add the token to the wallets.

Get known with profile summary of Dpet here.

Frequently Asked questions

  • Can the token be purchased from cash?

No, there is no method to purchase the coin with direct cash.

  • What is the contract address of Dpet?



Dpet Price Now and its prediction indicate that investing the money on the token will be wise decision. So, if you want to purchase the DPET token, we suggest you do your research.

After getting aware of the token, are you looking forward to purchasing it? Please share your views with us.

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