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Guillermo Ferraro Linkedin And Wikipedia: Details Of Ministro and Infraestructura!

This article provides detailed information about Guillermo Ferraro Linkedin And Wikipedia with the details about Infraestructura Ministro.

Will Guillermo be an Infrastructure Minister? Currently, Guillermo is in the spotlight, and people from around the Worldwide have their eyes on him. People on the internet are searching for him on social media platforms to know more about him.

If you are also one of those willing to know about him, keep up with this article about Guillermo Ferraro Linkedin And Wikipedia

Why are people looking for Guillermo Ferraro Linkedin And Wikipedia?

People all over the world are looking for his social media profiles because of the recent interview that went viral on the internet. Guillermo attended a raid interview where he confirmed that he would be the next infrastructure minister for Javier Milei.

He also addressed all 5 sectors and confirmed that the new ministry will consider the public works, Mining, transport, communication, and energy.

When is the inauguration of Guillermo Ferraro Ministro?

Guillermo Ferraro’s inauguration will be held on 10 December 2023. Milei’s team also stated in the radio interview that Ferraro would announce his position officially when he starts the office, which is the same day as the inauguration.

Ferraro also added that his county is 20 years behind in Infrastructure, and with this new ministry, they will try to speed things up.

Who are the other ministers than Guillermo Ferraro Ministro?

In that radio interview, many other future ministers were also revealed, which are going to be inaugurated soon.

  • Future Justice Minister- Lawyer Mariano Cuneo Libarona
  • Human Capital Minister- Sandra Pettovello
  • Chief of Staff- Nicolas Posse
  • Foreign Minister- Economist Diana Mondino
  • Social Security Administration- Deputy Carolina Piparo

The defense and security minister’s place still needs to be emptied, and Victoria Villarruel has been kept in charge to fill those positions. These ministers will also be revealed soon.

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Wiki information about Guillermo Ferraro Infraestructura 

  • Guillermo Ferraro is an accountant claimed by his previous firm. He has graduated in computer science and holds a Ph.D. degree in economics.
  • Between 2002 and 2003, he served in the Industry Secretariat within the public sector.
  • For a span of 13 years, he played the directorial role at the Argentine headquarters of KPMG.
  • In the coming four years, she is going to bring some changes in the Infrastructure, which he has already advanced.

Educational Background and LinkedIn information of Guillermo Ferraro Ministro

  • Guillermo Ferraro got his degree from the University of Buenos Aires.
  • He holds 4 professional degrees in public accounting, a doctorate in economic sciences, administration, and systems engineering, and his post-graduation degree.
  • His LinkedIn profile says that from 2010-2023, he was in charge of projects related to Infrastructure and business.
  • He has worked in the KGPM headquarters and provided many business and financial pieces of advice.

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People are looking forward to Guillermo Ferraro Ministro inauguration. People are hopeful that in the coming years, they will see some visible changes in the country, which Guillermo has talked about in the interview.

Are you in support of this new infrastructure minister? In the comment section below, share your views and opinions on this detailed article.

Disclaimer- We are not against any minister or individual. We are only a medium to share trending and informational data with our audience. Take this article as a way to gain knowledge; nothing in the article is intended to misguide the readers.

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