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{Trending Video} Charm Villanueva Viral Video Twitter: Details Of Scandal, Telegram, Tiktok!

Learn more information about Charm Villanueva Viral Video Twitter links and its scandal news, which went viral on Telegram, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

Do you want to hear a love story that grasps your heart? Then here come the Charm Villanueva Viral Video Twitter links, which show the love of a Philippines girl towards her billionaire boyfriend.

In this article, we are going to discuss a love story that has undergone many ups and downs because of a video! Well, let us start our discussion on how the viral video turned the life of Charm upside down.

About Charm Villanueva Viral Video Twitter

Charm Villanueva is a transgender Filipino influencer who has amassed thousands of followers on TikTok. Last year, she posted a video where she could have introduced her new boyfriend to her fans with a caption stating, “Meet Mr. Oak, my boyfriend”. But she didn’t post every detail about him; instead, she shared only his name. That video became a Charm V Viral Scandal, and currently, her TikTok video has been removed from the Twitter and TikTok platforms, citing the criticism she received for her video in Instagram. Everyone might be confused about why this cute video invited much opposition and criticism. It is all because Mr. Oak is none other than the business typhoon Oak Phakwa Hongyok, who is the heir of a great Chinese corporate company.

Charm V Viral Scandal

Charm V was subjected to a big scandal because many people started sharing their opposition to her love. After all, Charm V is transgender, and Oak is a successful straight businessman. Hence, many began to share hurtful comments as she became a gold digger, or else Charm V lied about her relationship.

Charm V Telegram

Upon the severe scandal and criticism, starting this year, Charm V again released a video explaining her full love story to the general public. Even though that video went viral on Telegram, it has been deleted from the Telegram platform since it was posted at the start of this year.

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Is the viral video available on TikTok?

No, as Charm V has undergone many problems because of her Mr. Oak video, she removed the tape and posted the reply video again. Currently, we can’t see both videos on her TikTok profile either. Charm V is one of the luckiest and unluckiest people who went viral on Tiktok because of her love story. Her Oak video became a famous one, but that video also destroyed her a lot because of public hatred towards her.

Does Charm V use Instagram?

No, Charm V is a TikTok content creator; she didn’t create her account on Instagram. But her viral scandal about getting into a relationship with a business tycoon also went viral on the Instagram platform.

Charm V on YouTube

We couldn’t see any videos of the Charm V story on the YouTube platform. Because even though her video went viral, it wasn’t a great deal to be discussed as flash news. It was love, but some intolerant people hated it and commented rudely on her. Hence, none of the Youtube channel creators have discussed this issue on their channels.


Even though the Oak video created lots of controversy, it does have a beautiful ending. After this incident, the love between Charm V and Oak became more intimate and thickened, and recently, Oak proposed to Charm to marry him with a 7-carat diamond ring. And all thanks to Charm V Telegram video for strengthening their bond.

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Disclaimer: This article shares information about LGBTQ community members, and our team fully respects their rights and lives.

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