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[Full Video] Gator Attacks Elderly Woman Full Video Reddit: Check The Content Of Full Video of Alligator Attacking Woman

Read complete details unavailable elsewhere about Gator Attacks Elderly Woman Full Video Reddit to know about the incident.

The video of an elderly woman attacked by an alligator in Florida circulated widely on the internet and caught people’s attention in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The reason for the video going viral is all about how the woman came in contact with the alligator and about her struggle to survive. Did you know that not all alligators attack humans? So, let’s check about Gator Attacks Elderly Woman Full Video Reddit.


About the viral video of the alligator’s attack:

On Reddit, fewer posts discussed the alligator attack in Florida. As of writing, only six posts included links to unauthentic news websites that reported the incident. Overall, there were 642 comments on the blogs and secured 2,510 votes. 

One Reddit post, including an uncensored video, was removed due to Reddit community guidelines. One Reddit post was tagged as – Not Suggested for Work (NSFW). At the same time, other posts included footage of alligators getting captured by six Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) officers.

Full Video of Alligator Attacking Woman:

The full video of the alligator’s attack was on news websites, including,, and the The video file – video-2884441 was uploaded on news websites at approximately 21:30 GMT on 23rd February 2023. The video was 00:00:14 seconds long and 5.92 MB in size. The video is CCTV footage captured from higher grounds. 

Details about the incident:

The incident took place on Monday, 20th February 2023. The video showed Gloria Serge, a resident of southeast Florida, taking her pet dog for a walk near the Spanish Lakes Fairways, The Gator Attacks Elderly Woman Full Video Reddit blogs were posted. As the dog played in the grass, an alligator approached them. The movement of the alligator in the water was visible. However, Gloria did not see it until the alligator came into proximity.

Immediately after sensing the danger, Gloria started to move. The alligator tried to attack the dog. Hence, it aimed to get away with the dog. Gloria tried to avoid the alligator’s attack on the dog, but she fell down. The alligator changed its focus, caught Gloria by her feet, and dragged her into the water, which can be viewed in Gator Attacks Elderly Woman Full Video Reddit.

Gloria tried to hold the ground, but there was no pole, rock, (or) hard object. The alligator tried to submerge her, and Gloria drowned in the water.

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The Reddit blogs had mixed reactions. One of the Redditors commented that she moved to Florida two weeks ago, and with people’s reactions, she feels she is in Jurassic Park! In the past ten years, only ten incidents related to alligator attacks which required medical attention were reported. However, a man-eating alligator is a threat and cannot be left unaddressed.

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Gator Attacks Elderly Woman Full Video Reddit – FAQ

1Q. Where did FWC find the alligator?

FWC found it resting at the bottom of the lake.

2Q. What were the measures taken by FWC and the police?

Ariel surveillance cameras were deployed to trace any other uncaptured alligator.

Interesting facts:

  • Most alligators find abundant food in the water, eating large-sized fish. Most alligators prefer resting at the bottom of the water bed as they consume live aquatic animals and take days to digest them. 
  • An alligator can stay submerged for up to eight hours in cold water after taking a long breath!
  • Unlike the Gator Attacks Elderly Woman Full Video Reddit, most alligators prefer staying away from the human population. It is because they are wild reptiles born and raised in wild waters. 

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