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[Full Video Link] Alligator Attacks Elderly Woman Full Video: Check If The alligator Still There In The Lake, Also Explore Full Details On Alligator Attack Unedited Video From Reddit

Alligator Attacks Elderly Woman Full Video will discuss viral news and how the lady lost her life in this incident.

Have you seen a viral video of an Alligator attack? Do you know what happened and if it harmed any people nearby? People in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom are shocked after watching this terrifying video. Many are looking for audio and video related to this incident.

If you are unaware of this incident and want to know what is in Alligator Attacks Elderly Woman Full Videolet us have a look.


What is the news?

A video is trending on the internet about an attack by an alligator in which an 85 years old lady died on February 20, 2023. The incident happened in the Spanish Lake Fairways in St. Lucie County, Florida. The lady’s name is Gloria Serge, and she resides in the nearby area of the lake. A lady named Carole Thomas, who witnessed the incident, immediately called 911 for help.

What is there in a viral video?

Terrifying Gator Attacks Elderly Woman Reddit viral video is everywhere. In the viral social media video, a lady faces the other side of the pond, whereas a dog walks with her. An alligator slowly approaches and attacks the dog. However, the dog moved

as fast as he could. The lady also tried to protect herself from this attack, but the alligator successfully grabbed an old lady and dragged her underwater. 

The audio recording of the witness of the whole incident is also viral on social media, where she asked to help Serge. She screamed, “there is an alligator who got a woman in the lake.”

Alligator Attack Video Unedited Video:

The video captured on CCTV and circulated after this attack shocked many. In the video, we can clearly see how the victim tried to escape from the attack, but as she started running, she fell, and the monstrous alligator caught her. The nearby residents are in fear after this incident, and they raise concerns about how dangerous it is and how cautious they should be.

Is the alligator still there in the lake?

No, it is not there in the lake; the authority caught 11 feet-long alligator. The alligator named Hennery, which the wildlife officials later trapped. They captured the alligator and took it with them, as seen in the Alligator Attacks Elderly Woman Full Video.

According to Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Committee, public safety is their priority. Moreover, there are not many incidents of an alligator attack; however, they have launched State-wide Nuisance Alligator Program to alert and get reports on this matter.


An alligator attacked an older woman named Gloria Serge, whole her dog survived the whole incident. The video of the attack is now viral on the internet, and we have discussed the entire matter here.

To watch the attack’s video and understand what happened, click here.

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Alligator Attacks Elderly Woman Full Video- FAQs

Q1. What is the name of the lady killed in the attack?

The name of the lady who died in the attack is Gloria Serge.

Q2. How old was she?

She was 85 years old.

Q3. What happened, and what is the latest news?

The news is about a lady who died in an attack by an alligator and her pet dog escaped from this.

Q4. What can people do to protect themselves from the attack?

People should avoid going to the possible water body that can be alligator habitats. Gator Attacks Elderly Woman Reddit is viral everywhere.

Q5. What does the authority have to say about this incident?

The authority said public safety is their priority.

Q6. Is the alligator caught?

Yes, the concerned authorities trapped an alligator named Hennery and took it with them.

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