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Gamingshiba Coin (Jan) Contract Address, How To Buy?

Looking for the details about Gamingshiba Coin? This news writing will provide every small detail of the coin.

Do you also find it attractive to invest money in cryptocurrency? But you also find it difficult to trade in cryptocurrency? Many technical points must be analyzed and checked well before trading any crypto coin.

This news writing will guide you better about the Gamingshiba cryptocurrency, which is extremely popular Worldwide. We will collect details about the price, common questions, and other important factors. Let us get started to know about Gamingshiba Coin.

About Gamingshiba

Gamingshiba coin is becoming popular worldwide, and this crypto coin has come up with an innovative opportunity for the investor to let them experience what they have never experienced. Also, this will become a bridge among investors, traders, and gamers. 

The crypto coin has been 11.87% high in the last 24 hours. The circulating supply of the coin is not available right now. The maximum number of this coin in the market currently are 100,000,000,000,000,000.

You can trade in the coin after evaluating its trading volume for the last 1 month and 7days to be sure about the Gamingshiba Coin.

Founders of The Coin 

Founder details of gamingshiba are not available on any website for now also not on the official website, and we will have to wait for more to get all the details.

Pricing Details

Today the price of the crypto coin is $0.000000000195, which fluctuates with time a lot. You need to continuously check the price if you are investing in this crypto coin.

Statistical Chart  

Analyzing the statistics pattern of any crypto coin will guide you better about the coin

  • Price change-0.000000000008
  • Trading volume-$4,283,438.92
  • Trading volume percentage of Gamingshiba Coin -39.38%
  • Fully diluted market cap-$19,800,698.64
  • Fully diluted market cap percentage-0.36%
  • 24h low volume-$0.000000000148
  • 24h high volume-$0.000000000417
  • Market rank-#2964

Keep a watch on the statistics and the price chart of the coin to ensure maximum benefits.

Where To Buy This Token?

  • To buy and trade in this crypto coin, you get multiple options, and it is up to you how you want to get the coin and how you want to trade. This Gamingshiba Coin can be bought from Pancake Swap, BCC, HOO, Coinbase exchange, and some other exchanges; you can check it on the coin market cap. 
  • First, choose a platform to buy the coin after creating your account on a particular exchange or if you already have a coin, log in yourself. 
  • To buy the coin from Gate i.o, you can get fiat money like US dollar, link your wallet to the exchange, and directly purchase the coin. 
  • Store the purchased coin in your hardware wallet, and, at last, you will be able to trade in this crypto coin easily. 

The Common Questions of The Coin – Gamingshiba Coin

Q1. What is the volume market cap of the coin?

A1. The volume of the market cap is 0.3573

Q2. What is the original website of the coin?

A2. The original website of the coin is http://www.gaming-shiba.com/

Q3. What is the contract address of gamingshiba?

A3. The contract address of Game Sahiba is 0x41cf3e9534156405a133cda545af9ff0e586500a.


At last, we can say that the crypto coin is performing an accurate and high price chart that will give you multiple benefits and profits simultaneously. Research on your own once to be sure. You may learn more about the coin here. To know the best apps for crypto trading, follow here. 

Also, share what you think about the Gamingshiba Coin with us in the comment section below.

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