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Nct Crypto Price (Jan 2022) How To Buy? Contract Address

 Searching for more details about the Nct Crypto Price? Then this news writing provides you with almost all the details.

Are you also coming across too many stories and news related to the Nct crypto coin? You must be coming across as the Nct crypto coin is becoming popular in the United States and other countries. This crypto coin is ranking among the first hundred coins in the market. 

In this article, we will discuss the future prediction of the coin, the statistics situation of the coin, and some common questions and other important details about Nct Crypto Price.

What About NCT Crypto?

Nct or polyswarm crypto coin is becoming popular in the United States and other countries. Originally Nct is a cybersecurity company that is originally helping companies and individuals to detect malware and antiviruses from computers, software, and some other devices. They originally invented this crypto coin to help people work with integrity and maximize benefit.

The crypto coin is available with a maximum supply of 1,885,913,075, and the maximum supply of this coin is 1,885,913,000 and the Nct Crypto Price, is 55.77% high in the last 24hours.

Who Are The Founders?

The polyswarm company was founded by InfoSec, and the whole team, including the founder, co-founders, and others, are part of the cybersecurity world. Still, the exact names and other details of the founder are not available. 

Statistical Chart

Every single coin has its kind of statistics chart; you will need to follow the statistics of the different coins to buy the coin. 

  • Price change percentage-$0.03996
  • Trading volume-$90,236,120.80
  • Price change-41.63%
  • Trading volume percentage-491.32%
  • 24h high $0.0887
  • 24h low $0.1734
  • Volume market cap- N/A
  • Fully diluted market cap-$238,313,843.47
  • Fully diluted market cap percentage-55.17%

Nct Crypto Price

The price of an Nct or polyswarm coin is $0.1353, which is almost 39.33% higher than the original price of the crypto coin.

Where can you buy it?

If you want to buy the coin, you can follow this easiest procedure and buy the coin. 

  • First of all, create the coinbase and startup your signup process. If you have an account, then log in. 
  • First, add the payment method in the exchange to buy the crypto coin.
  • Click on buy or start the trade.
  • Now search for Poly Swarm or NCT coin. 
  • You can now buy the coin directly through added fiat money after checking Nct Crypto Price or exchange the coin with the official coin like dogecoin, bitcoin, or Ethereum.
  • This way, you can buy the coin, and at the last store, it is the official wallet and start trading in it.
  • This coin is available on almost all the exchanges to trade, and you can select one and trade as every official exchange have its security, liquidity, and reliability. 

Most Common Questions

Q1. What is the market rank of the coin on official exchanges?

A1. The market rank of the coin is #290.

Q2. What is the genuine contract address of the coin and Nct Crypto Price?

A2. The contract address is 0x9e46a38f5daabe8683e10793b06749eef7d733d1 and price is $0.1353.

Q3. What is the original website link?

A3. The original website link is https://polyswarm.io/.

The Final Verdict 

After seeing all the details and price data of the coin, we conclude that the crypto coin is showing an up-to-the-mark performance; if you want to trade in this coin, then this is the right time. You can read more about this coin here. To know the best apps that will help you trade, visit here.

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