Gabriel and Daniel Crime Scene Photos

Gabriel And Daniel Crime Scene Photos: Check Crime Scene Graphic Images, From Reddit, and Twitter!

This post on Gabriel and Daniel Crime Scene Photos will provide you update regarding the murder of Gabriel.

Do you know about Gabriel’s murder? Have you seen the crime scene photos? Gabriel was killed at the age of 12. People were shocked after hearing about this murder case. Some of the readers still do not know the story of Gabriel and Daniel. People from the United States and other countries are looking for the full murder story and crime scene photos of Gabriel’s murder case.

So let’s begin this post on Gabriel and Daniel Crime Scene Photos.


Gabriel Crime scene photos.

Gabriel was killed at the age of 12 by his 16 years old friend Daniel. Daniel entered the house of Gabru and killed him brutally. The crime scene photos of Gabriel’s death have been released. Some of the pictures are available on online sites and the pictures are also available on social media. Some crime scene photos were revealed one of the pictures shows the half-cut body of Gabriel, and the other picture shows the legs lying apart from his body, the door and floor stained with blood.

You can see some photos in this post. We have not posted all the Pictures as they may be intensely sensitive to the readers. 

Why Daniel killed Gabriel?

Daniel killed Gabriel for the money he lent him. Daniel and Gabriel became good friends and started hanging out together. The tibia was one of the popular online games of that time.  One day, Gabriel borrowed 20,000 in virtual currency of Tibia from Daniel. After some days, Daniel asked for his money back from Gabriel but he didn’t answer him. Gabriel blocked Daniel from his social media account. 

This made Daniel angry. Daniel decided to kill him. On 23 July 2007, Daniel reached Gabriel’s house. 


Why Daniel killed Gabriel

Full story on Reddit.

You can read the full story on various platforms like Reddit. Let’s continue the murder case story here. When Daniel reached Gabriel’s house, he told him to come inside. After entering his house Daniel locked the door and started beating him. Daniel started torturing him after some time Gabriel started feeling unconscious. Daniel harassed Gabriel and tore his clothes. Gabriel became helpless. Daniel took out the wire of the game console and choked Gabriel. Gabriel was helpless and couldn’t do anything. 

Daniel then decided to hide his body in a Crawl hallway trap space door. To hide his body, he decided to cut it into pieces for ease. As per the Images, he used a hacksaw to cut Gabriel’s body part. He cut his leg and then cut the lower half of his body. Later, police found the body of Gabriel, and Daniel was present at the scene. He didn’t run away and accepted that he has murdered Gabriel. He also told police that he is not guilty of killing him.

In a nutshell.

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Gabriel murder Graphic: FAQS

Q1. Who is Gabriel? 

Gabriel was a 12-year-old boy who was murdered by his 16-year-old friend Daniel.

Q2. Why Daniel killed Gabriel?

Daniel killed Gabriel when Gabriel started ignoring him when Daniel asked to return his money. He also blocked Daniel on social media. 

Q3. Did Daniel confess his crime?

Yes, Daniel was present at the crime scene and accepted that he killed Gabriel.

Q4. Where is Daniel now? 

In 2007, Daniel was sent to the Delinquency Juvenile center for three years. Currently, there is no information about Daniel. No contacts or social media accounts like Twitter.

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