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[Updated] Frank Vallelonga Jr Sopranos: Check Wikipedia To Know Age, Net Worth & Other Details!

This post on Frank Vallelonga Jr Sopranos informs viewers about the unexpected demise of a movie actor. Scroll down to check the actual cause.

Is Frank Vallelonga Jr. discovered dead? Did Frank pass away? Frank Vallelonga Jr., the actor’s remains have been recognized after it was tossed from a car outside a Bronx-based factory on Monday, November 28, 2022.

When the body was discovered as Vallelonga Jr., the news shook people across the United States and other world areas. You can scroll down to find the incident faced by Frank Vallelonga Jr Sopranos and what was the reason behind Frank’s demise.  



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Who exactly was Frank Vallelonga Jr.?

The Sopranos star Frank Vallelonga, better known by his screen character Tony Lip, had a son named Vallelonga Jr. Don Shirley, a jazz musician, hired Lip in the 1960s. An enforcer at the Copacabana nightclub, to be his chauffeur and security guard when on tour.

The 2018 Oscar-winning Green Book film, starring Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali, and scripted by Vallelonga, Lip’s other son Nick, was inspired by their time spent traveling. Frank Jr’.s Age was 60 at the time of passing. Rudy Vallelonga, Frank Vallelonga Jr.’s real-life uncle, appeared in the movie.


Who exactly was Frank Vallelonga Jr.

Frank Vallelonga Jr’.s cause of death:

Although the exact reason for Vallelonga’s demise is yet to be established, law enforcement officers informed that Frank most likely overdosed and passed away. 

According to the authorities, he was found unresponsive at the spot, and “no visible evidence of attack or trauma” were seen. It’s possible that Vallelonga was homeless, based on the authorities’ statements.

Frank Vallelonga Jr’.s Net Worth:

The worth of Frank Vallelongs Junior was about one to nine million USD before he passed away. He earned wealth primarily through his acting profession.

Who is accused of hiding Frank Jr’s body?

A Bronx guy who is thought to be the chauffeur who threw Vallelonga’s remains from the moving vehicle has been detained. The 35-year-old Steven Smith is accused of hiding the body. At this moment, the probe is still underway, according to authorities.

Know the family of Frank Vallelonga Jr Sopranos:

Frank Vallelonga, better known by his stage name Tony Lip, was the father of the late artist Vallelonga Jr. 

Before Lip passed away in 2013, he frequently played mob gang leaders during his movie career, most famously in HBO’s “The Sopranos” as Carmine Lupertazzi.

Frank Vallelonga Junior has never disclosed much about his personal life. Therefore, the details of his wife and children are unknown.

Quick Wikipedia:

  • – Real Name- Frank Vallelonga Jr.
  • – Alternate name- Frank Valle
  • – Profession- Movie actor
  • – Date of birth- Unknown. 
  • – Date of death- November 28, 2022
  • – Father- Tony Lip
  • – Wife – Not available
  • – Well-known works- A Brilliant Disguise (1994), The Birthday Cake (2021), Green Book (2018), and Sopranos.

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Frank Vallelonga Jr., a movie actor, who performed in Sopranos, died unexpectedly. His body was thrown out of the car. The suspect and the case are under investigation.

You may look at more on Frank Vallelonga Junior here. Do you pay respect to the departed movie actor? Write your obituaries in the comment section below.  

Frank Vallelonga Jr Sopranos: FAQS

Q1. Who was Frank Vallelonga Junior?

Movie actor

Q2. When did Frank Vallelonga Jr. die? 

November 28, 2022

Q3. Where did Frank Vallelonga Jr. die?

Frank Vallelonga Junior died in The Bronx, New York, U.S.A.

Q4. Who is the primary suspect in Frank Jr.’s demise? 

Steven Smith

Q5. Who was Frank Vallelonga Jr.’s father?

Tony Lip

Q6. What are the well-known works of Frank Vallelonga Jr.?

A Brilliant Disguise (1994), The Birthday Cake (2021), Green Book (2018), and Sopranos.

Q7. How old was Frank Vallelonga Jr Sopranos at the time of his demise?

Sixty years

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