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Franco Harris Tribute Video: The Reaction Of Fans Went Viral On Twitter, Tiktok, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit & Telegram Media? Find Facts Here!

The article describes the details of the Franco Harris Tribute Video and highlights the incident during the tribute video of Franco Harris.

Have you come to the news of Franco Harris’s death? He was an American Professional footballer running back in the NFL. People of the United States and other nations were unhappy with NFL Network when they cut away Franco’s tribute and shifted to a commercial.

We will provide you with more details on Franco Harris Tribute Video and talk about the events during the tribute. Stay tuned to this article.

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Updates related to the video

On Saturday, Franco Harris was given tribute as he died last week at the age of seventy-two, and the tribute was made to honor his twelve-year long legacy. His famed Immaculate Reception completed its 50th anniversary only a couple of days ago. 

Fans were fumed when the video that paid tribute to Harris on the video-board cut midway and started showing the commercial.

Updates related to the video

Is the video Viral On Twitter?

The video is viral everywhere, and the fans have voiced their frustrations and called upon the network’s negligence that led to the event. The Steelers honored Harris before the match and even wore Harris’s jersey before putting it in the locker room.

Several people posted the video on Twitter, and the NFL network received backlash from people all over. 

Details of the video on TikTok

We learned that the tribute video was spread everywhere, and it won’t be shocking news for us if we find the video on TikTok. The video has no explicit content and shows the NFL network’s negligence. 

The video is present on TikTok, and people who are present on the channel must have come across the video.

Reactions of people on Instagram

As soon as the video was uploaded everywhere, netizens were fuming with anger at the NFL network for cutting the tribute video halfway and airing the commercial on the video board.

The incident may not have been done on purpose, but it attracted bad limelight and disrespected the honor of the deceased. The NFL has not commented anything yet on the incident.

Can the readers find the video on YouTube?

The viewers eager to see the video, especially those who haven’t seen it, can find it on YouTube. The video is everywhere on the internet and has achieved maximum reactions from people.

Even now, people are talking about the incident, and such disrespectful incidents will gather attention from people.

Are there links present on Reddit?

People are questioning the incident and asking why the NFL network would cut the video midway and not show it again. We have not come across the links personally, but discussions are going on in several threads.

Reports of the video on Telegram

The tribute video must have been spread on Telegram, but we do not have any particular link to the video available on the channel.

Social media links


Franco Harris had two interviews hours before he died and was extremely excited for Saturday’s ceremony. He will be remembered, and his long legacy will be remembered. People can watch the tribute video on the internet.

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Franco Harris Tribute Video-FAQs

  1. Who was Franco Harris?

Franco was an American Professional football player.

  1. When did he die?

December 20, 2022.

  1. What happened in the tribute ceremony?

The video board aired a commercial cutting the tribute video halfway.

  1. What was the people’s reaction to the video?

Netizens were fumed after finding the video.

  1. With whom did Franco Harris retire?

The Pittsburgh Steelers.

  1. What is the value of Franco Harris’s football card?


  1. When was Franco Harris born?

March 7, 1950

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