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Tania Nicole McGowan: Has The Crime Scent Surveillance Video Went Viral On Reddit? Curious To Check Twitter, Tiktok, Instagram & YouTube Trending Updates? Check Here!

This article provides information about the Tania Nicole McGowan case and tells the readers about untruth facts.

How can any mother be the reason for his own son’s death? Everyone in the United States and other countries is angry and shocked to know the Tania Nicole case, which is trending on the internet, i.e., the news is related to the death of an infant baby.

Through this article, you will know the whole Tania Nicole McGowan case and other facts. 

Why is the Tania Nicole case trending?

Last week, Tania Nicole was taken into custody when it came out that she beat her son and also starved him to death. The boy is a five-month-old infant, and everyone in the United States is furious, knowing a mother is beating her kid to death. 

Surveillance video Viral On Reddit– What is present in the video?

There is a surveillance video in which it is seen that Tania is beating her kid. The police took the necessary action and arrested Tania Nicole. However, after contacting 911, they reached the spot and took the kid to UF health. 

On December 11, he was pronounced dead, and the medical staff who examined the boy called the police because of his bruises. As per the medical examiner, the baby was malnourished, too, as there was no food in his stomach.

What happens afterward?

The news is on Twitter as the police investigated the scene as they entered Tania Nicole’s house. They saw that the house was mostly empty as there wasn’t much furniture. 

There were a couple of bottles of baby formula, and Nicole told the police about her side of the story. According to Nicole’s statement, the baby was sleeping at night, and then she didn’t check her out for the next 3 hours because she assumed he was sleeping. 

What happens to the baby?

Much support comes from social media websites like Instagram, TikTok, and more, where the readers are not happy with all the scenarios. The police talk to the resident of the complex, and one of them tells the police that they heard the slapping sound in the common area. 

The police then checked the surveillance video, where they saw Tania McGowan abusing the child and then twisting the baby’s neck with force.

Is the video available anywhere?

Unfortunately, there isn’t any video available on any platform like YouTube or Twitter. According to the police investigations, the video is disturbing, so they keep the evidence to themselves until they present it to the court. 

Everyone on social media isn’t happy about the things that Tania did to her baby, and everyone wants strict actions towards the crime.

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Final words 

The whole case shocked the world as it is impossible to think what Tania Nicole did to her son. However, the police performed their duties and arrested her based on surveillance video collected from the apartment.

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Tania Nicole McGowan– FAQs

1: Who is Tania Nicole?

A: She’s a model on 18+ websites. 

2: What happens to Tania’s son?

A: Tania’s son was declared dead because of malnourishment and dehydration.

3: When did Tania’s son die?

A: December 11, 2022.

4: Where are the videos available?

A: The video isn’t available on platforms like TikTok or YouTube. 

5: Who is the father of Tania’s son?

A: The information related to Tania’s son is not available. 

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