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Evri My Delivery Scam {April 2022} Get Authentic Details

This article talks about the very trending topic Evri My Delivery Scam. Read below to get proper knowledge in this regard.          

Do you have the knowledge that there are many websites that do scams in the name of delivering products? Do you know any website which delivers parcels? If yes, then you must know about the company Hermes? Yes, this website is famous for delivering several parcels, but recently, many allegations have been registered on this name in the United Kingdom.

Let us now discuss why this company changed its name to Evri? This article will discuss and elaborate on the Evri My Delivery Scam.  

Scam attached with Evri Delivery? 

Recently, during the previous year, the company was charged with huge defamation on the name of it as the customers started saying that this company is a fraud and they are not behaving well with their customers. There are allegations about the misleading of several parcels and Non-cooperation. 

The scammers have created a brand new and fake website with a view of looting the customers in the name of Please be aware of such website links because you may land up in trouble. 

What is the Evri Delivery Message Scam? 

At first, the customer was very irritated with the misleading delivery of parcels by Evri, and now they have complained about the fake messages popping on their screen and claiming that they belong to 

These Messages send links for payment via text to pay the delivery charges. But later, the company made it clear they were not making any texts like these. There are many websites which try to trap consums from several different websites to make money, and one of them targeted 

Is Evri My Delivery Scam? 

  • Name- Everymydelivery
  • Origin- That is Europe
  • Website-
  • Company Type- Watch Seller
  • The connection of HTTPS- Not Found Valid.
  • Creation Date of Domain- 25/04/2022 it is just a three days old website. 
  • Expiry Date of Domain- Not Available
  • The Score of Trust-  Not Available
  • Owner’s Information- Not Found
  • Alexa Ranking- Not Available

Why is this Trending? 

The customers of got confused with As the customers start getting massages from this side, they cannot resist and start blabbering about the famous website of That blabber became the reason for the Is Evri A Scam being in trend. 

Reviews of Customers about 

There are only good reviews on the website. That is why the allegations on this website have taken attention from authentic media, and later it was found that all these were rumours. 

But apart from the recent incident, the customer has felt many challenges and sufferings. All in All, there are no negative comments or reviews present on any reputed website. 


Based on internet research, we have found that there is no role of in this scam. Also we can say Evri My Delivery Scam is done by sending messages through evri-delivery. Hence, be aware of such messages and calls and contact directly to the company of evri as and evri-delivery are different websites.

Have you ever been scammed by any online services? Please comment below. Furthermore, we suggest you visit the official site for the Evri and look at the details to make the correct choice.  

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