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Onbuff Coin to PHP (April 2022) Price, How To Buy!

This article describes a crypto project that helps game developers to enhance their gaming platform with IP services. Read more on the Onbuff Coin to PHP. 

Are you interested in knowing about a crypto project developed by blockchain technology for IP business? Keep reading till the end to learn in-depth details on this topic.

Crypto enthusiasts from the Philippines are eager to know about the projects that help the customers develop economically. Apart from that, the value the projects provide to the gaming industry also is an added advantage.

Let’s dive directly into Onbuff Coin to PHP and analyze all relevant information about the trending crypto project.


OnBuff crypto project deals with products and services associated with the Intellectual Property (IP), a form of intangible property that isn’t measured with the help of measuring scales or devices.

IP-based games are gaining popularity, and the gaming industry utilizes the project’s potential to a large extent as it is used to build gaming characters to provide a more interactive gaming experience.

In addition to that, IP services also enhance other domains such as webtoons, characters, and animations.

Onbuff Coin to PHP

  • ONIT token is trading at ₱7.50, a 3.20% increase from last day’s closing price.
  • The market cap of the token has also risen to 2.97%. In addition to that, the trading volume has surged 9.81% in the last 24 hours of trading.
  • ONIT is trading 15.52% above the all-time low value, created on 25th January 2022.
  • The token also tanked 64.52% from the all-time high.
  • OnBuff project also focuses on developing an NFT marketplace, where the users can utilize ONIT tokens for buying, selling, and trading various NFTs.

Market Capitalization

  • Current Price of Onbuff Coin to PHP: ₱7.50
  • Price Change(24h): ₱0.2327
  • 24h Low: ₱7.22
  • 24h High: ₱7.74
  • Trading Volume(24h): ₱89,636,343.56
  • Volume / Market Cap: 0.04323
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap: ₱5,958,314,532.35
  • Market Cap: ₱2,073,570,731.84
  • Market Rank: 595
  • Total Supply: 789,885,600 ONIT
  • Circulating Supply: 274,890,433 ONIT 
  • Max Supply: 789,885,600 ONIT
  • ATH: ₱21.31
  • ATL: ₱6.54

Founders and Team

  • The details about the funders and major team members are not provided on the OnBuff official website or its whitepaper. 
  • The main partner of this crypto project is SNK, a Japanese game company with more than 40 years of industry expertise and tradition. Learn more on Onbuff Coin to PHP.

Where to Buy INIT?

  • Visit the official website of Huobi Global, a major crypto exchange.
  • Sign in using user credentials. New users can create an account by providing basic information followed by mobile number and email id verification.
  • Load your Huobi Global wallet with USDT tokens as Huobi Global provides ONIT trading with USDT tokens.
  • Choose USDT tokens and INIT tokens on the spot trading section. Copy and paste the contract address if the INIT token is not found on the token list.
  • Complete the spot trade and get credited with equivalent Onbuff Coin to PHP tokens on your Huobi Global wallet.


Q1: What is the Ethereum Smart Contract address for ONIT tokens?

A1: Ethereum Smart Contract address for ONIT tokens is 0x410e731c2970Dce3AdD351064AcF5cE9E33FDBf0

Q2: How is the ONIT token distributed according to the project’s tokenomics?

A2: As per the OnBuff tokenomics, 35% for the ecosystem, 20% for marketing activities, 20% for development, 15% for team advisors, and 10% for sale.


Intellectual property plays a crucial role in various gaming development as crypto games are mostly developed with NFT and gaming tokens. To know more details about the concerned project, please look at the official whitepaper on Have you checked on Onbuff Coin to PHP? Kindly comment on it. Let’s find the Best App To Buy Cryptocurrency 2021.

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