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Evelyn Hernandez Missing: Laci Peterson And The Case Details Here!

The post discusses Evelyn Hernandez Missing case with the reference to Laci Peterson in detail. Still, remember the missing case of Evelyn Hernandez and her five-year-old son from the United States? Do you have any clue what happened to Evelyn Hernandez and her son on May 1, 2002? Do you know how a pregnant mother and her son disappeared? If you are unaware of this mysterious case, this article will shock you and make you think about how a happy family disappeared and why. 

This entire tale of the disappearance and her son disappearing will shock you. So, read the Evelyn Hernandez Missing post till the end.

What happened in Evelyn Hernandez Missing case?

Evelyn Hernandez was 14 when she migrated from El Salvador to the US to live with her mother. She was living her happy life with her five-year-old boy Alexis. Hernandez was living a happy life, and she was pregnant with her second child when the news of missing her and her son came to light.

According to the reports, Evelyn Hernandez went out of her apartment on May 1, 2002, to pick up her son from the Mission District preschool. Evelyn Hernandez was 24 years old and volunteered in her son’s preschool and as a part-time nurse. She is a single, loving mother to her son and pregnant with her second baby, but suddenly, she went missing just five days before her second baby shower.

The sources revealed that Evelyn Hernandez Laci Peterson had a usual call with her sister Herman Agularia on April 30, on which she discussed her baby shower. Evelyn Hernandez was planning her second baby, named Fernando. However, she went missing just five days before her second baby shower.

Further details about Evelyn Hernandez’s missing case

The sources revealed that Evelyn Hernandez went to pick up her son Alexis from his preschool on May 1, 2002, and stopped at an ATM to deposit some cases. This is the last time when someone saw them. When her missing report was filed, police thought Evelyn Hernandez might have gone for some private baby shower ceremony. However, when she didn’t appear for a few days, police started searching for her.

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What did the police do in the Evelyn Hernandez Missing case?

According to the police, they initially thought Evelyn might have gone for a private baby shower ceremony. But when, on May 7, Aguilera filed her missing report at the police station, they started looking for Evelyn and her five-year-old son. 

In the investigation, police found that Hernandez’s last phone call was to her family when she was at her son’s school. Since then, she hasn’t contacted anyone and has gone missing. On her way to me, she sped and stopped depositing cash.

After a few days, police found the wallet of Hernandez in the parking of South San Francisco with a disability check. However, in July, police found the decomposed body of Hernandez from the Bay Bridge, but Evelyn Hernandez Laci Peterson remains unsolved. The DNA confirmed that she is Evelyn Hernandez, who was missing from May 1 to May 1, 2020, but her son Alexis still hasn’t been found. For further details, you can check out the social media links below.

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The Unsolved Case of Evelyn Hernandez and Her Missing Boys
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On May 1 May 1, 2020, Evelyn Hernandez went missing. Her decomposed body was found on Bay Bridge in July, but her five-year-old son still wasn’t found

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