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Epiqpay.com Scam: Are Reviews Present for This Website? Check Details Here Now!

Find out the complete reality of the Epiqpay.com Scam or not confusion and Zoom settlement amount if you are surprised by the Epiqpay alert.

Are you surprised to see the Epiqpay.com notification in your email? Is Epiqpay.com legit or a scam? Anonymous messages from the Zoom settlement terrified many users as they believed it was spam. 

Many users from the United States want to know the legitimacy of the website and find out whether Epiqpay.com Scam or not.

Reality of Epiqpay.com

Epiqpay is a part of Epiqglobal.com, a well-established company providing expertise in various industries. People are surprised to see the anonymous alert notification from Epiqpay.com regarding the Zoom settlement amount redemption.

Eventually, during the pandemic, Zoom had some flaws in its application, and there was a problem with third-party disturbance during the conference calls. Zoom claimed its application is end-to-end encrypted, and no one can disturb it between calls. 

Although it was not completely true, some Zoom users reported a lawsuit regarding the situation. As a result, Zoom agreed to make a settlement and pay $85 million.

Epiqpay.com Reviews

Epiqpay.com is a legit platform and is currently a part of Epiqglobal.com. There are multiple customer reviews present on the website, and it has thousands of legit customers. 

People are happy and promoting the company for their best advice in various industrial fields. Epiqpay.com has 95% of positive reviews, while some people aren’t satisfied with their thoughts and planning. 

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Zoom Settlement 

When Zoom users find out the application is not properly developed and end-to-end encrypted, they report a lawsuit. Zoom shared an email to the users who were part of the Zoom meeting from 30 March 2016 to 30 July 2021. 

People started howling about the Epiqpay.Com Scam as they got an alert to redeem the amount from Zoom settlement. Initially, you will get a notification mail from Zoom about the amount you have to redeem regarding the litigation case. The same email will provide you with the date you will get another email to claim your payment.

Epiqpay.com is associated with Zoom settlement, and paying all the users was valid for the claim. The Epiqpay.com email will be received with the name noreply@epiqpay.com, which is 100% authentic. Also, make sure to verify the sender’s mail id to confirm the legitimacy of the portal. Also, find out more about the PayPal Scam.

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Is EpiqPay legit?
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Final Verdict

Epiqpay.com is an authentic website that shares the settlement invoice with the users eligible for the Zoom settlement claim. People are surprised and terrified due to the autonomous message alert of certain payments.

So still, if you believe it is a scam, there is great news for you that you are an eligible candidate for Zoom settlement. Did you get any emails from epiqpay.com? Comment Below. Moreover, find essential information about credit card scams.

Epiqpay.com Scam: FAQs

Q1 When was Epiqglobal.com created?

The website was created on 27 February 2016, and it’s been more than seven years since they have worked.

Q2 Who is the founder of Epiqglpbal.com?

John Davenport Jr. 

Q3 Are Epiqpay.com and Epiqglobal.com two different websites?

No, Epiqpay.com is part of a service in Epiqglobal.com.

Q4 What is the global rank of Epiqpay.com?

The global ranking of the website is 61,525.

Q5 Are Epiqpay.com Reviews legit?

Yes, all the reviews regarding the website are completely legit.

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