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Nhire Legit Or Scam: What Is Nhire Package? Check Full Details On Nhire Platform

Read exclusive reviews unavailable elsewhere to learn if is Nhire Legit or Scam. Also, learn its scamming plot and website scores, ratings and reviews.

Human Resources (HR) requirement is a broad vertical in business. HR requirements have become a major part of expenses in many organizations across NigeriaCanada, and the United States. Companies have to provide employee benefits if they hire many recruiters. Instead, it is better to outsource the requirement process and keep key roles and positions with the company.

But outsourcing the HR requirement process has also plotted to scam people! Let’s check facts about Nhire Legit or Scam.


What is NHireGroup?

NHireGroup is a fake online platform that claims to provide HR recruitment services. The fact that NHireGroup is unauthentic was determined by reviewing the content of its website. Shockingly, all the content of the website is stolen from! NHireGroup built its website just by changing the logo and images.

It is shocking that also replicated testimonials of reputed professionals posted on WeHire! Further NHireGroup claimed it has been in the market for more than 10-year, copied from WeHire. was registered in Reykjavik city of Capital Region province in Iceland (a high-risk country) on 21st/February/2023. NHireGroup is a 4-month and 21-days old website!

Nhire Platform:

Information related to the last update of NHireGroup is unavailable. As a new website, NHireGroup was registered only for one year until 21st/February/2024. Therefore, its registration will expire within 7-months and 10-days, indicating a short life expectancy.

About NHireGroup scam:

NHireGroup mission statement suggests that it is keen on hiring talented people to fit the job requirements of its client, which mostly involves contract-to-hire-placements, contract placements, and direct placements. It also aims at providing job opportunities to recquiters, sales brokers, agents, auditors, and ads accelerators. However, its mission statement and job positions were also replicated from WeHire.

Nhire Legit or Scam?

There are two ways NHireGroup has plotted to scam people. The first plot is to take money from new joiners under the banner of providing training for the requirement process, and the second plot is to deploy middlemen who will be blamed in future for running the NHireGroup scam. Let’s explore its plot below.


NHireGroup requires new applicants to undergo training, after which they can start working as recquiters for NHireGroup. NHireGroup offers short-term courses related to Virtual Workshop Training as part of training. Other services include – unlimited job offers, instantaneous job permits, safest money-making platform, tether USTD withdrawal, payouts by bank transfer, paypal, and cheques.

What Is Nhire package?

To enrol for training, the candidate needs to pay ₦3,700. After the training, the recquiter can earn ₦2,300+ direct commission per hire and ₦200+ indirect commission. Similarly, if the candidate opts for a higher course, he must pay ₦7,400 to earn ₦5,000+ direct commission per hire and ₦1,000+ indirect commission. It must be understood that legitimate organizations bear the cost of training employees, and there is a training period after which that company expects their trained employees to yield profit.

But, NHireGroup claims to provide authentic job permits once the training is completed. The recquiter can start their job at Nhire Platform immediately after training without budding up or without job training. NHireGroup shows a calculation that if the recquiter hires 100 employees per month, his direct commission will be ₦2,300×100=₦230,000 plus the indirect commission of ₦200×100=20,000, which is a total of ₦250,000 for 30-days.

But, the business model is fake as it is copied from WeHire! Further, getting 100 (assumed) employees requited in a month may not be possible.

Secondly, once the recquiter starts their job, they need to connect with sales agents to get the data on who they need to hire; considered to check is Nhire Legit or Scam. An NHireGroup Agent is a middleman between NHireGroup, who takes care of most of the tasks related to NHireGroup. In other words, NHireGroup is not getting directly involved.

Therefore, NHireGroup agents will be held responsible in case of disputes as the company was never directly involved.

The legitimacy of

NHireGroup is a young website faking its long-time presence in the market. gained poor 33%↓ trust, 58.8%↑ business, 28%↑ suspicion, 23%↑ threat, 23%↑ phishing, 21%↑ malware, 4%↑ spam scores, Zero↓ Alexa ranking, and 1/100↓ Domain authority. Therefore, NHireGroup is a highly risky website for user data and devices and answered is Nhire Legit or Scam.

NHireGroup uses a secured HTTPS protocol, and it is not blacklisted. NHireGroup’s IP has Low-Domain Validated Certificates(DV-SSL) for the next 288-days. Its owners’ identity and contact information are censored using paid privacy services of

The contact information mentioned on NHireGroup is fake as it pertains to Its terms of use and privacy policy are plagiarized from The only way to contact NHireGroup is via its agents.

Customer reviews:

Seven websites and two YouTube reviews suggest that NHireGroup is possibly a scam.

Social media links:

NHireGroup is not present on social media; accounted to review is Nhire Legit or Scam.

The social media links mentioned on lands the users on a blank page.



No user-posted reviews or ratings for NHireGroup on social media or customer review websites. No user acknowledged the authenticity of services provided by NHireGroup. NHireGroup is possibly a scam due to its poor trust, Alexa, DA, suspicion, malware, phishing, and threat scores. Click here to know more about Phishing. Further, is hosted by a shady service provider. Hence, is not recommended.

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Nhire Legit or Scam – FAQ

1Q. How much is the visitor count of NHireGroup?

Twenty-three visitors per month, with a $0 traffic value from India(100% traffic).

2Q. Who is the registrar of NHireGroup?

NameCheap, Inc.

3Q. Who is the ISP(server) of NHireGroup

Namecheap Inc., USA.

4Q. What is the net speed performance of NHireGroup?

A load time of 1.27 seconds, with a 77% C-performance grace, is considered fast.

5Q. Why is NHireGroup considered a scam?

NHireGroup originated in a high-risk country, its registrar is popular among scammers, its server hosts several low-rated websites, NHireGroup is a young website with a short life expectancy, and it has a terrible visitor count, considered to check Nhire Legit or Scam.

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