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Emory University Hospital Nurses Tiktok: Check The Content Of Viral Video On Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, and Instagram!

This article about Emory University Hospital Nurses TIKTOK contains the whole viral video story and the action taken.

Recently, a video has been circulating on TikTok where four nurses of Emory hospital are seen together talking about the icks of maternity patients. 

Have you seen this video? Do you know this video is no longer on the platform? Are you aware of the video content? Do you know people in the United States and Canada are curious to find the details and action against that video? Read about Emory University Hospital Nurses TIKTOK till the end to know everything.


What is in the viral video? 


 What is in the viral video

Around a week ago, a video was shared on Tik Tok by the staff of Emory university hospital in which we can see four nurses talking about maternity patients with each other. In the video, they can be seen talking about their icks (icks is a word used when someone doesn’t like to do or hear something). 

Nurses are trolled badly for the sentences they have made about the patients. This can be seen in the Viral On Twitter. One of the nurses said she doesn’t like when the new mother asks whether she can bathe or eat food. The other said that when the new father asked the nurse to perform a paternity test, it bothered her greatly. The nurse makes a few more sentences saying they don’t like patients asking for medicine and methods.

The authorities took the video down from the original account, but it is still present as many people have already installed it before getting deleted. The video has been seen several times before its removal.

What action was taken by the Emory hospital officials- Emory University Hospital Nurses TIKTOK?

Emory hospital officials have taken a step forward about the whole issue and stated that they had seen the video. Legal action has been taken against the nurses as they were taken out of the hospital, which led them to lose their job. The officials said that the video doesn’t depict the service provided at the hospital, which is different.

You can check the link to Instagram in this article under the heading “social media links”. You can check the official statement made by Emory hospital officials on Instagram about this viral on Telegram video. The identity of the nurses in the viral video has yet to be revealed. Emory hospital also teaches students, so it is also a teaching centre along with the hospital.

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 Emory hospital officials have taken out the four nurses involved in making the viral video. However, the identity is not revealed of any of the nurses. For more information about Emory hospital’s viral video, click on the link.

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Viral Video on Reddit – FAQs:

Q1. Is Emory considered a good hospital?

It has an excellent rating of 5, considered a good hospital.

Q2. What does Emory hospital deal in?

Emory university hospital deals with quaternary care facilities.

Q3. Who handles Emory university hospital?

Bryce Gartland, MD, handles Emory university hospital.

Q4. Can we consider Emory university hospital as a public hospital?

It is a health care in Georgia that consists of many hospitals.

Q5. What is the expected salary of the nurse at Emory?

The salary of Emory’s nurse is 11% above average and is about $72,327.

Q6. What is in the Instagram post of Emory university?

It has a statement saying that the video does not represent the hospital and the staff takes good care of the patients.

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