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Dylan Mortensen Boyfriend Reddit: Check His Name, Is He From Boise Idaho, Read Latest Instagram, TikTok Discussions, Along With Parents Details!

Look at the Dylan Mortensen Boyfriend Reddit article for further information about the quadruple case of Idaho students.

The murder case of four Idaho University students will likely take the lead. Do you know that the two young girls were spared at the time of the attack? Do you want to know their names? Have you heard of rumors about Dylan Mortensen having a boyfriend? Read the complete article to know the information.

The incident occurred for the students who belong to the United States in Moscow. After thorough research, we found some news on Dylan Mortensen Boyfriend Reddit.


Who is the boyfriend of Dylan Mortensen?

Dylan Mortensen and Bethany Funky are the two young girls who survived the quadruple attack in Idaho, Moscow. The four victims were Ethan Chapin, Xana Kernodle, Kaylee Goncalves, and Madison Morgen. These four got stabbed at midnight on November 13th, 2022.

Coming to the point, the two girls have hidden in the basement at the time of the killings, as per their statement. But Dylan Mortensen’s boyfriend, Quinn Kelley, was outside the house and called 911 to report the scene. The public is posting comments on Reddit and Instagram on his presence at the spot.

We have researched Quinn Kelly and found some interesting facts about him and his father. We mention a few details about him in the below section.

  • Name: Quinn Kelley
  • Profession: present basketball at NBA and former chef at The Krusty Krab
  • Study: studied at Borah High School
  • Residence: Boise, Idaho.
  • Father: Jeremy Kelley.

These are a few pieces of personal information found in our search. The public is interested in why Quinn was present at the time of the attack and how he was aware of the attack to inform the police.

Many netizens search Quinn Kelley’s TikTok account as Dylan Mortensen’s Boyfriend to know him. Quinn Kelley called 911 for help after the attack happened, but he informed the after eight hours to police.

The police have stated that the one who informed them has no involvement in the case. Later, many doubt how officials could police give such a clear statement without proceeding further.

Disclaimer: We provide truthful information based on online searches. We are not intentionally blame anyone. 

In our search, we found some of Quinn Kelley’s Parents‘ crime background. As mentioned earlier, we have found no information about Quinn Kelley’s mother. Yet he has a father, Jeremy Kelley, who got a criminal record and has been arrested several times.

What is the news about Jeremy Kelley?

Jeremy Kelley got arrested multiple times in the state of Idaho. Last year put him in prison for obscenity. Maybe he is relevant to the present crime or not, but his history matters to take an investigation on Quinn Kelley and his father, Jeremy Kelley. From the sources, we learn that Quinn Kelley and his father resides in Boise Idaho.

What is the opinion of the victim’s family about the police investigation?

The victims’ parents are pretty disappointed at the officer’s move through the case. They feel that the investigation runs slowly. The police are not announcing accurate information to the media and them. 

We mentioned social media links about the case and the Tiktok link of Dylan’s boyfriend.

Social media links:




We shared with you the available information about the Idaho quadruple murder case. Click here for Quinn Kelley Reddit post

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Dylan Mortensen Boyfriend Reddit: FAQs

Q1. Who is Dylan Mortensen?

Dylan Mortensen is one of the two girls spared in the Idaho killings.

Q2. Does Dylan Mortensen have a boyfriend?

Quinn Kelley is the boyfriend of Dylan.

Q3. Why is he involved in the case?

Quinn Kelley called 911 after eight hours after the incident happened.

Q4. Where does Quinn Kelley live?

Quinn Kelley lives in Boise, Idaho.

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