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Emma Roberts Transphobic: Know Rowling Net Worth, Angelica Ross Twitter, Problematic Now!

The post will highlight Emma Roberts Transphobic and Problematic comments with her Net Worth and Angelica Ross Twitter details.

Have you come across the recent viral comments by Emma Roberts? People from the United States and the United Kingdom are longing to know the reason why Emma made transphobic comments against Angelina Ross. The news came under the spotlight when Ross thanked Emma for apologizing for her conduct.

We will disclose all the details about Emma Roberts Transphobic comments and find out the real reason behind passing such comments.

Emma Roberts Transphobic Comments Against Angelica Ross

In a recent interview, Angelina Ross spilled the beans on how Emma Roberts made mean comments about her while they were shooting for a horror movie. She said that she faced criticism and racial comments that were made on her face and termed it as ‘free speech’. 

Angelina Ross went live on Instagram and shared the details of her transphobia while she and Emma were shooting for a scene together. After all the details of the incident that she faced, a few hours later, she again tweeted that Emma Roberts had called her to apologize for her misconduct. 

Emma Roberts Problematic Tweets

Emma Roberts came under Limelight when Angelina disclosed the details of how, during a movie scene in which they were shooting together, Emma said that there was only one woman present on the set, indirectly passing comments on Angelina questioning her personality. 

Angelica further revealed that it took almost one and a half years for her to recover from those comments fully and to come in front of the public and speak about the incident without crying or getting angry.

Angelica Ross Twitter user’s reactions

After Angelina talked about the incident that she faced while shooting for the movie, many people came in support of her, and they backlash against Roberts for her mean remarks. Not only that, Angelica let people know about the series of incidents through tweets. 

In another tweet, Angelica said that Emma Rowling Roberts even made fun of her voice, and she copied her voice and talked in the same way she used to speak on the set. It affected her to an extreme level that Angelica was conscious of her voice.

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Who is Emma Rowling Roberts?

Emma Roberts is an American actress by profession and is known for her leading roles in The American Horror Story. Recently, she grabbed attention from people after Angelica Ross tweeted on her profile that Roberts apologized to her for her transphobic comments and for misgendering her. 

What is Emma Roberts Net Worth?

According to celebrity net worth reports, Emma Roberts has an estimated net worth of $25 million. Her earnings come from the movies and some endorsements. The net worth keeps fluctuating depending upon the work that she does in a year, and as she is a famous Hollywood actress, her value keeps increasing. 

As for the latest news, Roberts has not given any statement at present regarding the allegations that are made against her.

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The transphobic co-star Angelica was complaining about was Emma Roberts, Angelica confirms
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The verbal spat between Emma Roberts and Angelica Ross made headlines soon after the latter shared the incidents that occurred on the set. Emma Roberts Transphobic comments did not go down well with Ross’s fans, and they were angry and outrageous.

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Disclaimer- We do not intend to hurt the sentiments and feelings of people associated with the information, and the news provided here is taken from online sources.

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