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Eagles Lineman Arrested: Explore Complete Details On Eagles Lineman Indicted

Read exclusive details unavailable elsewhere about the Eagles Lineman Arrested to know about the incident, charges, and summon.

Joshua Matthew Sills is the offensive guard for the Philadelphia Eagles team in the NFL. Born on 26th January 1998, Sills grew up in Sarahsville, Ohio. He graduated from West Virginia University, United States. He started playing football at the age of nine while attending Meadowbrook High School. 

Recently physical assault charges were levied on him. What was stated by the victim? What were the charges? Let’s check about the Eagles Lineman Arrested.


About Sills’s arrest:

On Wednesday, 1st-February-2023, the charges against Sills were finalized. As per sources, Dave Yost, the Ohio Attorney General, made a press release on 1st-February-2023 about the court summon for Sills and the charges against him. Sills is scheduled to appear in the court at Cambridge, Ohio, on Thursday, 16th-February-2023.

The physical assault incident occurred at approximately 00:02:00 AM on 5th-December-2019, when Sills was 21-years, 10-months, and 10-days old. The woman who was a victim of physical assault was 21-years old. The women knew Sills for eight years as they attended same high school. 

Eagles Lineman Indicted:

As per online sources, Sills is charged with one count of kidnapping and one charge of first-degree non-consensual physical assault. However, Sills is not arrested. If Sills does not respond to the summon (or) does not appear in court, the court might issue an arrest order.

About the physical assualt:

Sills gave the woman and her cousin a ride back in his truck from a local cafe. After reaching her cousin’s house, her cousin walked inside the house. As per sources, while the woman was getting out of Sills’s car, he grabbed her by the neck and pulled her inside the truck, suggesting kidnaping and a strong point for Eagles Lineman Arrested.

Sills pushed the woman onto the truck’s seat. The women repeatedly asked Sills to stop. But, Sills forcefully detained her in the car and started assaulting her.

After the act was completed, the woman asked Sills if she could leave. Sills responded by questioning the woman if she would talk to him again. The woman got out of the truck and ran inside her cousin’s house, and Sills left the place, suggesting physical assaulte and another factor for Eagles Lineman Arrested.

Initial investigation:

The incident was reported to the Guernsey County Sheriff’s office immediately. The police took pictures of injuries on the women’s left knee, right ear, and on her back. Further, police found bruising injuries at the back of her throat and inner lips.

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Sills is not taken into custody as the court has issued the first summons. His attorney, Dave Yost, has responded to the summon and released a press note. It indicates that Sills knows about the summon and may appear in court on the scheduled date. Being absent in court might result in further action resulting in his arrest.

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Eagles Lineman Arrested – FAQ

1Q. Is the identity of the woman revealed?

No, the identity of the victim is hidden due to security reasons.

2Q. What is the age of Sills?

Sills is now 25-years and 8-days old.

3Q. When is the Super Bowl LVII scheduled?

Super Bowl LVII game between Philadelphia Eagles vs Kansas City Chiefs is on 13th-February-2023 at 05:00 AM.

4Q. How did court charges and summons affect Sills’s football career?

Sills was included in the NFL’s Commissioner Exempt List from 1st-February-2023 as per the league’s personal conduct policy. As a result of Eagles Lineman Arrested speculations, Sills will not be able to travel with his team and participate in football practice.

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