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[Update] Dr Victor Chang Death And Family: Why Was He Killed? Details On His Wife, Age, And Murder

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Do you know who is Dr Victor Chang? Are you aware of why was Dr Victor Chang killed? If not, this article is what need to follow. The Dr Victor Chang demise has generated wide spread attention in New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, France. 

Today’s article will detail about Dr Victor Chang Death And Family. Read the article below.

The Dr Victor Chang Death And Family:

Victor Peter Chang, the finest doctor of Australia known for his great work in Australian Medicine. The news about the cause of his death has been widely buzzing throughout the online platforms. He is well known for his extraordinary success for his amazing career in St Vincent’s Hospital at Sydney. He passed away back in 1991 due to some tragic circumstances that includes Dr Victor Chang Murder. Recently, the news about his demise has been trending all over the online platforms. As per reports, he was murdered by two young men back in 1991. The news about his demise has become viral on social platforms.

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Why Was Dr Victor Chang Killed?

Dr Victor Chang, the Australian doctor was born on 21st November 1936 in Shanghai, Republic of China. He completed his medical studies from University of Sydney and continued working in St Vincent’s Hospital. In 1991, he was murdered by two Malaysian person during the failed extortion attempt. The incident actually happened on 4th July 1991, Dr Victor Chang was shot twice in the head. Dr Victor Chang Age was 54 years when he was shot dead. His dead body was found dumped the gutter beside his Mercedes-Benz 500SL at Sydney suburb of Mosman. 

The suspects include two Malaysian men including Chew Seng Liew and Choon Tee Lim. There is not much information about to know Why Was Dr Victor Chang Killed. His legacy follows his own foundation, the victor Chang foundation. After his demise, the Victor Chang cardiac research institute was developed and the victor Chang Lowy packer building at St Vincent’s Hospital was also established.   

Details about Dr Victor Chang Age:

Victor Peter Chang was born on 21st November 1936 in Shanghai, Republic of China. He was a well known cardiac surgeon in Australia. He was killed at 54 years old. His funeral followed a state funeral and later in 1999 he received the vote for become the Australian of the century at People’s Choice Award. He was survived by Dr Victor Chang Wife and three children. He was cremated and the ashes of his body was buried in Green Park, Darlinghurst under the Memorial Plaque. The circumstances of his demise did become a matter of debate during those times. He studied at University of Sydney. 

He used to work at St Vincent’s Hospital. Dr Victor Chang Wife name is Ann Simmons. He met his wife back in 1966 after Ann was admitted to St Anthony Hospital for getting unwell at the party. At the same time, Chang was also previously working at St Anthony Hospital as well. They were blessed with three children naming Matthew, Marcus and Vanessa. In recent times, he has been in lime light after the news about his demise has become viral on online platforms. 

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The Dr Victor Chang Death And Family news has become viral on online platforms. To know more details about Dr Victor Chang, click on this link.

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