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Dotdown Coin {Oct} Price, Contract Address, How To Buy?

The price of Dotdown Coin has increased incredibly in the crypto market. Know about the Dotdown market in this article.

This week six cryptocurrencies surged up to – 91,75,358.47 percent. This trend witnessed a good amount of profit booking. The Co-Founder and CEO of global crypto trading platform Mudrex said that profit booking would continue given the upcoming season and weekend holidays. Dotdown was the top crypto to gain price increase and trading volume.

With the profitability of Dotdown, investors Worldwide are focused on knowing more details about the crypto. So let us look at comprehensive Dotdown Coin market details below.

Dotdown is a cryptocurrency?

Dotdown is a Binance Leveraged Token. It is an off-chain tradable asset. It gives the investor the advantage of buying an UNDERLYING asset. Polkadot is the underlying Dotdown. Each token is treated as a contract position. The price of Dotdowin is influenced by the value of national contract positions and changes in leverage levels. 


The information about the founder of Dotdown is unclear and not revealed as it is associated with Binance, Polkadot, an altcoin. Though all three chains are associated with Binance, the founders of each chain are different. 

Price of Dotdown Coin:

  • Price – $10.06, 0.001696116 BTC (or) 0.02538138 ETH
  • Price in BTC – 0.0001686
  • Price in ETH – 0.002523
  • Price Change 24h – $0.3789, 3.91% increase
  • 24h Low/24h High – $9.03/$10.95
  • 7 day Low/7 day High – $0.00009589/$10.95
  • 30 day Low/30 day High – $0.00009459/$10.95
  • 90 day Low/90 day High – $0.00009589/$10.95
  • 52 Week Low/52 Week High – $0.00009589/$10.95
  • All Time High – On 22nd September 2020 it was $11.25, 10.29%
  • All Time Low – On 21st October 2021 it gained $0.00009459, 10666700.59%
  • Changes for 7 day – 9,024,995.2334%
  • Changes for 14 day – 4,099,333.4989%
  • Dotdown Coin Changes for 30 day – 2,782, 835.6925%
  • Changes for 60 day – 846,780.8599%
  • Changes for 1 year – 66.0081%
  • 1 day Volatility – 17.70%
  • 7 day Volatility – 100.00%

Dotdown Market:

  • Trading Volume 24 hrs – $2,456,510.04, 92.17%
  • Market Rank # 2889
  • Volume/Market Cap – Not provided
  • Market Dominance – Not provided
  • Market Cap – Not provided
  • Circulating Supply – Not provided
  • Total Supply – Not provided
  • Max Supply – Not provided
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap – Not provided
  • Rate of RoI on Dotdown – 2.31%
  • Token Issued – 282,831.23
  • Dotdown Coin NAV – 10.2104943 USDT
  • Basket – (-185,645.200) DOTUSDT Futures

Dotdown Predictions:

  • By the end of 2021, the price of Dotdown will be $15
  • In 2022 its pricing is anticipated to reach $18
  • In 2023 it may reach up to $25
  • In 2024 up to $35 and
  • In 2025 it may reach $45

How to buy Dotdown:

  1. Enrol yourself at Coinbase
  2. Complete your KYC details on Coinbase
  3. Enter your payment method and buy coins with fiat currency
  4. As Dotdown is an Altcoin, transfer the coins you bought to Binance exchange for buying Dotdown Coin
  5. If you are already a member of the Binance exchange, there is no need to register again
  6. New investors need to enrol themself at the Binance exchange
  7. Complete your KYC registration on the Binance platform
  8. Deposit BTC in Binance. The process will take between 30 minutes to one day to complete
  9. Copy your BTC address and open Coinbase
  10. Enter BTC address in your Coinbase recipient wallet address and click send
  11. Now open Binance exchange and trade Dotdown


  1. What is the official contract address to buy Dotdown?

Ans. The official contact address is 0x69b33396065c56769ba66c9ced1e8d05ffb42c19


The price of Dotdown Coin was increasing at the rate of 2.09% this week. However, today there was an hourly dip of (-2.31%). Hence, investors are advised to read all risk related documents before investing in Binance due to fluctuation in Dotdown and market risk involved.

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Do you want to know more details about Dotdown crypto? Let us know your views about the increase in Dotdown value.

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