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Crypto Soccer Precio (Oct 2021) Chart & How To Buy?

The guide shares details about the new P2E game and the live Crypto Soccer Precio for the Crypto investors.  

The idea of play-to-earn is getting very popular amongst the worldwide users of the Blockchain platform. As a result, every day, a new P2E game is launched on the platform, of which the recently launched game is Crypto Soccer. 

It is the first of its kind Blockchain Soccer game that gives the players innovative opportunities to earn daily rewards for completing missions and challenge the other users worldwide in multi-game levels. 

Players have to use the native token CSC on the platform, available for trading on major exchanges. However, people in Venezuela want to know the live Crypto Soccer Precio before buying it.  

What is Crypto Soccer?

Crypto Soccer is the newly launched BSC-hosted game on the Blockchain platform with innovative features to allow users to participate in the leagues and soccer games without limitation in the economy. 

The game has a self-sustaining model that aims to combine the best features of the Blockchain games while including a competitive, fun, fair and innovative P2E system. The game launches the players into the system where different options are available, including trading teams, creating stadiums, sponsorships, buying coaches and participating in duels, tournaments, and leagues. 

Everything is done using the native token CSC Token. Users of the platform from Venezuela want to know the live Crypto Soccer Precio before buying it for the game account.

Who Is The Founder of Crypto Soccer?

After evaluating the official website, we found no details about the founder and CEO of the game. Furthermore, there is no data available about the founder of the P2E game and the developer of the native token CSC Token. 

We only found that the CSC token has over 11 355 holders across the world. The token has registered a total of 37 154 transfers to date. 

What is the Live Crypto Soccer Precio, Market Cap and Supply?

  • After analyzing the token, we found the running price of the coin is $0.062601, with an increase of 32.55% in the last 24 hours. The token has a trading volume of $1 305 029 in the previous 24 hours. There has been a hike of 33.68% in the previous 24 hours. 
  • The market ranking of the token is $2994, and it is decided based on the live market capitalization. But, there is no data about market cap, and we only found a fully diluted market cap of CSC Token, i.e., $18 780 444.
  • After the Crypto Soccer Precio, you must know the circulating supply. The data of total circulating supply is not available. We only found the maximum circulating supply of the token, i.e., 300 000 000 CSC Coins. 

How to Buy Crypto Soccer?

The Crypto Soccer is available for pre-sale and the pre-sale period is over.

The pre-sale started on 14th Oct 2021, and it ended on 16th Oct 2021. The first version of the game is scheduled for release on 31st Oct 2021, and till then, investors have to wait to buy the CSC Coins in the major exchanges after checking the Crypto Soccer Precio.


Q1. What is the Official Online site of Crypto Soccer?

A1. Users can check information about the game on https://www.cryptosoccergames.com/#.

Q2. Mention the Contract Address of Crypto Soccer.

A2. The contract address set for the CSC Coin is 0xF0fB4a5ACf1B1126A991ee189408b112028D7A63.

Q3. Mention the Live Price of CSC Coin?

A3. The live price of the coin is $0.062601.


Crypto Soccer is a play-to-earn Blockchain-based game where players can win daily rewards by completing the mission. 

However, the pre-sale period of CSC Coin is over now. The last recorded Crypto Soccer Precio is mentioned above. Investors have to wait until the 1st version of the game is launched, which is scheduled for 31st Oct 2021. If you want to invest in Cryptocurrency, ensure to check the future of Cryptocurrency in 2021 before investing.   

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