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Don Lemon Nikki Haley Video: What Is His Salary With CNN? What Did He Say About Her For Comments? Check YouTube Link Here!

The article highlights the essential details of the Don Lemon Nikki Haley Video controversy and the negative impacts he faced after his comments.

Have you heard of the recent controversy that fired Don Lemon from his designation? People from the United States and Canada were shocked after they learned the report of Don being fired from the news channel after 17 years. 

The news was announced on Monday 24th of April, and after the statement was released, people were eager to know more about the Don Lemon Nikki Haley Video controversy. Stay tuned to know more.


Disclaimer- We do not intend to disrespect anyone or hurt the sentiments of people. The news provided here is only for informative purposes and is taken from online sources.

What is present in the Nikki Haley Video?

On Monday, Don Lemon announced that he is parting ways with CNN after 17 years. The news came after he commented on Nikki Haley’s 2024 presidential candidature, for which he received severe backlash from people and even got him removed from the post of the news anchor.

Even in the 2023 Oscars, the best actress winner Michelle Yeoh took a dig at his comments during the acceptance speech. The video is found on various social media platforms, and one can see how insensitive comments were made about Nikki on her presidential candidate.

What were Don Lemon’s Comments about presidential candidates?

In February, Lemon said that Niki should not be critical of the ages of the politicians because of her age, as she is 51 years old. He further said that the whole conversation about age makes him uncomfortable, and she has taken the wrong path, and Nikki is not in her prime age. 

According to him, a woman in her prime is in her twenties or maybe even in her forties. Nikki is 51 years old; he meant to say that it was not the age for her to run for the presidential nomination and should hold her back from participating in such nominations.

What Did Say About Nikki Haley– People’s Reaction?

The comment did not go down well with people and the listeners, and he received backlash for his misogynistic remarks that forced him to ask for forgiveness from people and said that he regretted his hateful comments about her. Lemon also issued an apology saying that he is sorry and committing to do better in his profession.

After all this controversy, he took to his Twitter account and released a statement about his removal from the CNN news channel. He also said he received no notice, and some larger issues removed him from his post.

Is the controversial video available on YouTube?

The controversial video is on the YouTube channel, and people who wish to see the complete video can refer to the online channels. His remarks on Nicki terminated him from his network after working for 17 years. 

After he received the news of his termination, he said that he thought people in the management would have the decency to report the news directly and not through any agent.

What is the Salary of Nikki Haley?

The estimated salary of Nikki Hale is approximately $0.3 million per year. After the news of Don Lemon’s dismissal circulated on the Internet, the former South Carolina governor Nikki Hale celebrated his dismissal and posted various graphic images referring to his mean comments.

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Don Lemon’s insensitive comments landed him his dismissal from the CNN network. He said that he did not receive any indication that he would be removed from the network, which breaks his heart. People who wish to find the new scan refer to various online sources.

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Don Lemon Nikki Haley Video-FAQs

Q1. Who is Don Lemon?

He was a news anchor on the CNN network.

Q2. Who is Nikki Haley?

She is a major candidate for the Republican presidential.

Q3. When did Lemon make irrelevant comments about Nikki?

In February 2023, he passed certain inartful comments about her presidential nomination.

Q4. What were the repercussions of his comments?

He was removed from the CNN network this Monday.

Q5. Is the video available on online platforms?


Q6. Who took a dig at him in the academy awards?

Michelle Yeoh.

Q7. What was Nikki’s reaction to his dismissal?

Nikki posted an image showing two cans of lemonade that read Past her Prime.

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