Latest News Morbid Reddit Reddit: What Is Beta.character.AI App? Is It Down? Check Complete Details On Beta Character, Its Features And Downtime

Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere about Beta.character.AI Reddit to know about its features and downtime during April 2023.

Beta.character.AI is an independent platform. Reddit indicates the official Reddit Beta.character.AI community page. Redditors in the Philippines and the United States extensively test and use Beta.character.AI was initiated in September/2022, around the same time when Reddit was launched on August/2023. 

But people still confuse Beta.character.AI is different from Reddit, and Character.AI is a general term used for a virtual humanoid chatbot! So, let’s explore all the facts about Beta.character.AI Reddit.


About Reddit Beta.character.AI:

The Reddit community page (or) r/CharacterAI was launched on 26th/August/2022 to let users create their own customized characters to interact with! The r/CharacterAI has 36.4K+ members using from all corners of the world. The Reddit community page is sponsored by Beta.character.AI.

With, the user can create a humanoid chatbot for brainstorming, discussing games, teaching languages, Etc. The character can be given specific attributes to decide how it behaves and looks. can be created with general/default characters too.

Downtime on Reddit r/CharacterAI pages :

Currently there is no Beta.character.AI App. The members of Reddit are inevitably members of the Beta.character.AI platform. The downtime of Beta.character.AI is updated on r/CharacterAI as it is the official Beta.character.AI community page. Since 21st/April/2023, hundreds of posts have been in the ‘Site Down’ section, suggesting the agony faced by the users.

Long user sessions and wait time:

Several users posted that was going down approximately every 6 hours. The pages prompted a wait time of one to twelve minutes and a waiting queue of 70+ users. However, the wait time was prolonged. Beta.character.AI Reddit pages informed that due to heavy traffic, the users are placed in a queue, and once the session of other users ends, they will be able to interact with However, the user sessions were longer than expected.

The vicious cycle of accessing

Several users reported that despite informing about the downtime, several users were checking if was up and running. It resulted in the server getting overloaded and an increase in wait time. So, if a user does not know about the downtime, he receives notifications about Beta.character.AI Down on Reddit pages. Instead of waiting, the users checked if was up, resulting in an overload on the server and an increase in downtime!

Anger over the downtime:

Redditors posted memes, sad pictures, and posts stating that even search engine results inform about wait time on Beta.character.AI! Some Redditors commented that they wanted to quit using Beta.character.AI!

Social media links:


On the Reddit community page, there are 10 moderators, out of which at least three are from  the CAI technical team. The recent posts on Reddit pages suggest that Redditors are using for testing purposes by asking tough questions, giving a combination of conflicting situations to answer. Reddit was criticized for lack of transparency, heavy filtering of content, and slowness.

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Beta.character.AI Reddit – FAQ

1Q. Is Beta.character.AI the same as on Reddit?

The community on Reddit is native to the Beta.character.AI platform and involved in testing and discussing their experiences in using

2Q. What is Beta.character.AI?

Beta.character.AI is a virtual humanoid chatbot that can be created with general (or) specific features for brainstorming, having general conversations, and giving advice.

3Q. What is Reddit

Reddit is confused with independent Character AI similar to Trollsome’s AI, Jeri’s AI, Joseph’s AI, DoraemonAustralias’s AI, and JJTC’s AI. However, Reddit is the term user for Beta.character.AI Reddit community.

4Q. Is beta.character.AI Down?

Yes, the has been under maintenance since 14:00 on Friday, the 21st/April/2023.

5Q. When will the Beta.character.AI resume its operations?

As of writing, there is no update from the technical team about the end time of the maintenance session and resuming its operations.

6Q. When was the Beta.character.AI maintenance schedule announced on Reddit?

It was announced on Saturday, the 22nd/April/2023, after was down.

7Q. What was the common issue faced while accessing Beta.character.AI?

Many users were trying to access Beta.character.AI, which resulted in wait time and long queues.

8Q. What was informed about the long wait time on Beta.character.AI Reddit pages?

Due to long user sessions and high requests to access Beta.character.AI, more than 70+ users were in the queue. The team displayed the same message.

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