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Dollar General Shooting Video Leaked On Twitter: Details On Viral Video

The article on Dollar General Shooting Video Leaked on Twitter discusses the mentioned topic.

What happened at the Dollar General Shooting in Florida? Did someone die at the Jacksonville shooting? Who was the culprit behind the Dollar General Shooting Video Leaked on Twitter? If you wish to know more about this topic, please read this article. This incident happened in the United States and shocked people from all over the world.

What Happened at a Jacksonville Dollar Store?

On Saturday, 26 August 2023, a masked man entered a Dollar Store and started to attack dark-skin people, specifically in Florida’s Jacksonville area. He was motivated by hate towards other races, which is considered a hate crime. The culprit was heavily armed and wore a bulletproof vest. The video of the incident is said to be leaked on Twitter.

People from the U.S. are worried because of the increasing gun violence and hate crimes. According to the sources, the U.S. has seen over 450 mass shootings/hate crime violence since the start of 2023, with four months remaining. The community that has been targeted is very stressed about the safety of their loved ones. 

Disclaimer: This write-up has talked about the Dollar Store Shooting that happened recently on Saturday at it killed three people in Florida, America. The topic very sensitive.

More Details on Jacksonville’s Dollar Store Shooting 

In the attack, three people were killed, and their names are Jarrald De’Shaun Gallion (29 years old), Anolt Joseph Junior (19 years old) and Angela Michelle Carr (52 years old). According to Youtube news channels, the shooter shot these people inside the store and escaped the scene. After some time, the culprit also shot himself. 

The killer was a young man in his 20s, a Clay County, Florida resident. He was a fair-skinned man with hate towards other races, and his crime was motivated by hatred. The name and personal details of the shooter have not been revealed. 

Additional Details of the Incident Viral on Telegram

As per some sources, the killer told his parents to check his computer, and they found a manifesto. In the manifesto, he stated three or a few reasons for hate towards the other community. When Father found out about his motives, he informed the local police.

But it was too late because the shooter attacked the Dollar store. In addition, sources claim that he acquired the weapons legally and planned his attack thoroughly with a manifesto. Leaked videos are spreading on TikTok.

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Social Media Links & Discussion 

The topic has been heavily discussed on the social media and the news channels. It has impacted communities, and people are raging. Here are a few links where the Dollar Store Shooting has been discussed online.


Under these links, authentic sources discuss the topic on social media. People and politicians are condemning this act of hate and violence. But the people of America are asking: When will all this end? After the Florida Dollar General Shooting incident. Citizens of America pray to God to end these hate crimes and violence, which take hundreds of lives yearly. 


Jacksonville’s Dollar Store encountered a tragic and inhumane incident last Saturday. Netizens are in total disbelief to see their country’s increasing rating of hate crimes. These incidents concern people in the community and their well-being. In the Dollar Store shooting, 3 people died, and the shooter committed suicide after attacking innocent people in the Jacksonville community. For more details on the incident, click here

Is the Dollar Store Shooting video present on TikTok? Please comment below if you have any insights about the Dollar Store incident. 

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