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This post can be used as a guide by people who wants to know more about Scam and get further details about its uses and authenticity.

Do you know about the Californian government’s recently introduced tax refund debit card for middle-class people? Do you want to learn more about the website which is the official government site, and how it enables tax refunds? has become a matter of huge discussion in the United States and many other parts of the world. 

Therefore, this article is written for users who want more information about Scam and related information for the beneficiaries. Stay tuned for further guidance on the matter. 

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Factors to check legitimacy :

The website’s legitimacy can be checked by analysing several factors, such as :

  • Registration date: The website was registered on 8th July 2022.
  • Expiration date: The portal domain will expire on 8th July 2024.
  • Popularity ranking: The ranking provided to the online store is 89440.
  • Trust score: The site’s trust score is very low at 4%.

What is the reason behind Scam?

The California government gives tax refunds through debit cards or directly online in their accounts to relieve them in times of high inflation. But many people regard it as a scam because it reaches beneficiaries from other states. The institution of New York bank issues the card. The portal deviates through the Californian government’s official page is an official online platform for debit card users. Beneficiaries need to register from this website to activate their card. 

What is the significance of a Californian tax refund debit card? 


What is the significance of a Californian tax refund debit card

In the context of the Scamthe said tax refund relief can be signified as:

  • Its benefits can directly reach the person through online modes. 
  • This project collaborates with FTB and the money network to provide tax refund benefits to the citizens. 
  • Different amounts are paid to the citizens based on their gross income level up to $250000, which is between $350-1050$.
  • Further details are mentioned on, including card activation, balance checking, etc. 
  • Customers can prefer a money network to avoid extra charges. 

What were the reactions of the public to

The public is questioning Scam on several occasions and several platforms. Generally, is preferred by citizens to activate their debit cards and balance information, but others depend on customer services through 1.800.240.0223.

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The Final thoughts 

Therefore, the site is not a scam but an authentic and government-authorized platform. The government of California makes it a goalto give netizens basic relief in the form of monetary valuethrough debit cards.

What are your opinions about the debit card? Convey your feedback through comments. Scam: FAQs

Q1. How can you check your balance? 

Firstly, log in to the site as a new user and call customer service at 1.800.240.0223.

Q2. How much money can be received through a Californian tax refund debit card? 

The amount depends on one’s gross salary; they receive $200, $250, or $300. It will increase if a person has one dependent. 

Q3. Who is eligible to receive a middle-class refund? 

A Californian resident for the last six months and a citizen at the date of issue of payment. Also, a person must file a tax return by 10th October 2023.

Q4. Is com Scam a real case? 

No, the website enables users or beneficiaries to activate their debit cards. 

Q5. What are the places in which the card can be used? 

You can shop online or offline or by your phone through a debit card. 

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