Deez Nuts Coin Price (June) How To Buy Contract Address

Deez Nuts Coin Price (June) How To Buy? Contract Address

Deez Nuts Coin Price (June) How To Buy? Contract Address >> The guide is for sharing details of the new charity coin and the live price and market statistics.

Charity tokens are getting popular and emerging as the fundraising option for many charity organizations. As a result, you will see many charity tokens available for trading on top exchanges, of which Deez Nuts Coin is creating news amongst Worldwide investors and buyers.  

Celebs and multiple creators empower the charity token. In addition, many charitable organizations and foundations back the crypto token and accepting it as charity and donation for the organization. 

Since it is the charitable token, it aims to raise funds for prostate and testicular cancer research. Investors interested in the charity token are looking for Deez Nuts Coin Price

What is Deez Nuts Coin?

Deez Nuts Coin is the new charity token in the crypto marketplace available with the ticker symbol DEEZNUTS. It is ranked at $5800 in the crypto list based on its market capitalization. The charity token is backed by multiple creators Worldwide and celebs.   

It is the charity token that is focused on raising funds for prostate and testicular cancer research. However, 10% is charged as tax for each transaction, of which 4% tax is distributed to the charity firms, and 3% is given to the holders, and the remaining 3% is included in the liquidity pool of PanCakeSwap. 

There are one trillion DEEZNUTS in circulation, and the Deez Nuts Coin Price is increasing rapidly.   

Market Capitalization and Supply

The coin market capitalization sits at $43 202 154, with no trend of increasing the value. However, the total diluted market capitalization is $59 864 418 on CoinMarketCap. 

However, it has experienced a decline in the diluted market cap by 24.60% in the last 24 hrs with the trading volume of $1 509 032 in the last 24 hours. 

The data of the total coin in circulation is not available. However, the maximum coin available for circulation in the market is 1 000 000 000 000 DEEZNUTS coins with initial launch liquidity of 68.75 billion coins. 

Deez Nuts Coin Price and Holders

Per the evaluation, the live price is $0.000060, with the highest trading volume of $1 506 301 in the last 24 hrs. The coin’s market price has registered a decline in the last 24 hrs, and it was down by 24.59%. 

The crypto token has recorded 18 175 transfers to date with over 6800 holders. The coin is available with the maximum supply of 1 000 000 000 000 coins. 

How to Buy the Coin?

  • Download MetaMask on your browser and set it up to store the seed words
  • Add as many BSC Mainnet required and fund your digital wallet associated with Binance 
  • Connect to the PanCakeSwap and withdraw the BNB and add to the MetaMask Wallet
  • Go back to Pancakeswap and exchange the BNB for Deez Nuts Coin
  • Select the currency and look the live Deez Nuts Coin Price
  • Copy and paste the contact address (0x01921A94e68F8D54F33C5D6f71d6664C35e33269)   
  • Set slippage of 12% and swap BNB for Deez Nuts Coin 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the link to the website?

A1. You may visit the website via this link

Q2. How to Access the Contract Address?

A2. Access the coin using the contract address 0x01921A94e68F8D54F33C5D6f71d6664C35e33269

Q3. Where to Buy Deez Nuts Coin?

A3. You can buy the coin on top exchanges including, Pancakeswap, Bilaxy, WhiteBIT, Bobox, and BitForex after knowing about the Deez Nuts Coin Price.


The price is high, with the increasing market cap of $43 202 154. However, the fully diluted market cap of the coin is declining by 26.16%, with the trading volume of $1 502 715.

The crypto coin has a good future and likely to increase in value. Please click here to learn about the best apps to buy cryptocurrency in 2021.

How many coins do you hold? What are your views about the Deez Nuts Coin Price? Please share your opinion about Deez Nuts Coin in the comment section. 

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