Xcell Finance Contract Address (June 2021) Price, Chart

Xcell Finance Contract Address (June 2021) Price, Chart

Xcell Finance Contract Address (June 2021) Price, Chart >> The guide shares details about the new token in the crypto market with the process to buy it.  

In a bid to empower the Decentralized Finance System, Xcell Finance with the ticker symbol XCELL has been launched on the Binance Smart Chain. It is available for pre-sale on Binance, and Worldwide investors are eager to learn more about the token.  

Xcell Finance is the new crypto token backed by Binance Smart Chain, and it is open for pre-sale starting from 16th May 2021 and ending on 16th June 2021. So, hurry up to buy your token on Binance and register for pre-sale now. 

However, you would require Xcell Finance Contract Address to buy it on Binance. 

What is Xcell Finance?

Xcell Finance is behind the newly launched BEP-20 type token, XCELL. Xcell Finance has launched their new token with the ticker symbol XCELL to empower the DeFi system for the future. 

The Binance Smart Chain backs the token, and the airdrops and tokens are available for pre-sale for 30 days. It has emerged as the DeFi yield aggregator on Binance, offering Worldwide investors three different products: Xcell, Vaults and Farmfolio.   

However, you need to know the Xcell Finance Contract Address before purchasing and holding it on your digital wallet. The Yield Aggregator uses the proven strategies at a very low cost to heighten the yields for holders.

Who Founded Xcell Token?

Xcell Finance is the company behind the XCELL token, and there is no detail available about the owner or founder of the token on the crypto market. The token is available for purchase on the Binance Smart Chain, and buyers have to use the Xcell Finance Contract Address of Binance.  

The sale lasts for one month, and the token distribution would end soon by 16th June 2021. 

Market Cap and Supply

The details regarding the market capitalization of the token is not available. The data about the market cap is not shared on Binance, so investors have to keep checking the Smart Chain for the updated market cap details. 

In terms of supply, the total supply of the token available for circulation in the market is 1 000 000 000 000 XCEL, and 50% of the token is available for sale, i.e., 5 00 000 000 000 XCEL. 

Xcell Finance Contract Address, Live Price and Holders

Total 94 347 transfers of the token have been registered to date, and the live price of the token on Binance Smart Chain is $405.72, with the chances of value rise. However, the token price fluctuates and is expected to decline by -1.57% in 24 hrs. 

After evaluating, it is found that there are 39 970 holders of the token, and the contract address is – 0x47d3093210031664ec8d0ce29e3dcb616baa4e1a. 

How to Buy Xcell Token?

  • Download a trusted digital wallet to hold the tokens
  • Buy sufficient BSC for swapping it for the token
  • Go to the Binance Smart Chain platform and find XCEL tokens
  • Copy the Xcell Finance Contract Address and go back to the wallet
  • Paste the contract address and click on XCEL token from the list
  • Enter the amount of token you want to hold 
  • Swap your BSC for the token and import the coin into your wallet

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the Official Link?

  1. https://xcellfinance.org/is the official URL to access the website.

What is the Contract Address?

  1. 0x47d3093210031664ec8d0ce29e3dcb616baa4e1a is the contract address to buy the token.


XCELL Tokens are available for pre-sale, and the distribution will end soon by 16th June 2021. Interested buyers must use the above Xcell Finance Contract Address to buy it on Binance.  

Do you already hold the token in your wallet? Please share your opinion about the token in the comment section. Also, please click here to know the best apps for buying or trading crypto.

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