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David Depape Twitter: Is He An Attacker? Is His Facebook Account Suspended? Who Attacked Paul Pelosi?

The article discusses the recent facts of David Depape Twitter and describes all potential factors of the incident.

Have you heard about the recent attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband? Social media, especially Twitter, has posted the news. The news is already spreading rapidly in countries like the United Kingdom and Canada. Many people have watched the news on social media. 

Besides, many mainstream and news media channels reported the story on their platform. It is a huge political story where David Depape is accused of attacking Paul Pelosi, the husband of Nancy Pelosi. We need to check the fact by discussing the factor of David Depape Twitter


What news is circulating on the Twitter? 

Social media has become the essential podium where people can get news updates. Even in the David and Paul case, we find the same thing. After this attack, many Twitter handlers posted the news on this social media podium. 

We also tried to check the Twitter account of the accused person. But we need help finding them. Maybe David’s account is suspended due to the allegation. But many other handlers have uploaded the news with links and pictures on this platform

Who Attacked Paul Pelosi? 

The news is published by the world-famous media house in the United States. The name of the accused man is David Depape. It is reported David got into the home of the Speaker of the US House, Nancy Pelosi, in San Francisco. 

The person entered this house with a hammer. Later, David did some indescribable activity in the place. The members of the house later told the media. Many think David is associated with a proper radical movement. For this reason, David attacked the home of Nancy Pelosi and his husband, Paul Pelosi’s house. 

David Depape Twitter

We already disclose that we have checked the social media accounts of this person. But for technical reasons, we don’t find any. But many others have posted and published the attack news on Twitter. 

If you check the account, you can find a picture of David Depappe with his family. The news headline identifies David as an attacker of Paul Pelosi. It was also published as “Breaking News.” Many users have commented on the news link as well. 

Is David Really an Attacker? 

Many people also want to know if David Depape Pelosi Attacker or if another theory exists. Now we need to look out at the incident’s background and check out David Depape. 

We have received the statement of the stepmother of David. Her name is Gene DePape. She later told the media David is 42 years old. David was suspected of killing Paul Pelosi. David was born in British Columbia near Powell River. But then, at 22, David shifted to California for relationship reasons.  

Let’s check other Social Media accounts.

Let's check other Social Media accounts

We also need to check the other social media accounts, such as David Depape Facebook account. We have reviewed the report, but we don’t get a Facebook account of David. 

After more searches, we found that Facebook authorities suspended David’s profile after this attack incident. For this technical reason, we don’t know about David’s social media activities or recent posts. 

But some experts say David believes in the radical right wing. And he also posted some opinions and theories on his Facebook profile that are completely associated with the conspiracy theory. 

What are these Theories of Attack? 

Before we discuss the alleged case of David Depape Twitterwe need to check the basic facts of the conspiracy theories. David is accused as a supporter of these theories. For this reason, we need to find out all these matters. 

David’s daughter’s name is Inti Gonzalez. Inti described her father as a blogger. As per the media reports, Inti and her mother have no idea about this incident. Later they knew from the news report. Many law experts think David is against the recent political rhetoric problems in the country. 

What is the Motive of the attack: David Depape Twitter

Many people want to know the primary Motive of this attack, as per Twitter. But the security agency doesn’t reveal the real Motive of the attack. The incident took place on 28 October 2022 (Friday). 

Some investigation told in the early morning, David entered the house and screamed by calling the name Nancy Pelosi. That time, Paul Pelosi tried to stop David, but he attacked Paul. 

Then Pelosi’s residence police received the 911 call and moved to the area. Police found David with a hammer. David struck Paul many times with the hammer, therefore, Police immediately arrested him. The authorities took Paul to the nearest hospital. 

David Depape Twitter: Recent Update

The recent update on the David Depape case is that Paul Pelosi received surgery on Friday. Paul got a skull fracture injury. On the other hand, DePape was examined by the doctors. 

Police accused him of breaking the mobile phone, attacking and many other crimes. The local authority is now checking all the evidence of the incident. But still, there is no official statement made about the Motive.

Other Information about David

We tried to check his social media account of David but failed for a technical reason. But we find some interesting facts that David follows the radical views and Black Pilled channel on the Youtube channel. As per David Depape Facebook (now suspended), DePape always watched videos of Tim Pool, Daily Wire channel. 

Even DePape shared some videos of an FBI officer’s recent child abuse incident. For this reason, police think David is an anti-Government person who doesn’t like the current political violence in the country. We don’t find any of David’s other whereabouts like profession, net worth etc. data. 


We can say in recent times, the country has faced much violence but attacking a politician happens for the first time. Although, you can check the news on the Twitter account.  

What are your opinions? Please comment. 

David Depape Twitter– FAQs

Q1. Who is Paul Pelosi? 

Paul is the husband of Nancy Pelosi. 

Q2. Who is Nancy Pelosi? 

Nancy is the speaker of the US House. 

Q3. Who attacked Paul? 

The name of the attacker is David DePape.

Q4. What is the age of David? 

He is around 42 years old. 

Q5. What is the reason for the attack? 

The reason still needs to be discovered. 

Q6. When did the incident take place? 

It happened on 28 October (Friday). 

Q7. What is David’s profession? 

Clear information is not available. 

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