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Who Killed Ser Criston Cole In The Book: Check Details On His Death: Does He Really Die? Also Find How Did He Die!

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Do you know that “The house of the dragon books” has created a mania among the viewers? Have you watched it till now or not? How did ser Criston Cole die? Do you think that he may be alive? Do you know that this news is circulating widely over the Philippines, United Kingdom, India, United States and Canada? Read this article about Who Killed Ser Criston Cole in the Book.


How did ser criston cole die- what is the reason behind his death?

During the war, which is also known as the dance of the dragons or Targaryen civil war, criston marched to the palace with around four thousand green soldiers. Criston marched to the palace with around four thousand green soldiers that describe the color of Hightower and Aegon II. This is the dress that Alicent wears in the previous episode.

Criston cole was going there to take the fortress back from the daemon Targaryen. This is the time when Ser Criston Cole Death happens. Let’s read further to know how it happened. The Targaryen army was in support of Rhaenyra black, which is the symbol of the Targaryen house. After reaching the fortress, the daemon had already flown on his dragon to help with the attack.

Criston guided his troops to go towards the south to meet the Hightower soldiers for further help, but the black army had already ruined the way and the villages in between to stop the greens. Unfortunately, after reaching the king’s landing, the greens have to face a lot of black soldiers. People ask,Who Killed Ser Criston Cole in the Book? Let’s read his last moment.

At this moment, Criston is helpless as he sees the greens losing, so he offers to surrender himself to the black. In return, he wants his troops’ lives, but the black army denies this, and three arrows from black army are headed toward him, which directly pierce through his body and leave him dying. After his death, his soldiers were killed too, and this is known as the butcher’s ball. we have taken this information from this link,


Criston Cole died in the middle of the dance of the dragon war in which only four dragons survived at last. Read this article till the end to know about Does Ser Criston Cole Die. For more information about ser criston latest news, click on this link.

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How Did Criston Cole Die– FAQs:

1 – How many dragons survive the dance of dragons?

Only 4

2 – In which battle did he die?

Dance of dragons.

3 – How many soldiers were in his troop at that time?


4 – What is the full name of Criston cole?

A.Ser Criston Cole

5 – Who played the character of Criston cole?

Fabien Frankel

6 – Does he love Rhaenyra Targaryen seriously?

Yes, he did.

7 – Who is criston cole?

A knight from the house.

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