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Daniel Penny Gofundme: How to His Family? What Happened to Subway Video YouTube Man? Check Wiki Details & Reddit Updates Here!

Daniel Penny Gofundme page has raised more than $300,000 for paying the legal fees. Go through the entire article to know in depth. 

Do you know who Daniel Penny is? Have you heard about the death of Jordan Neely? Many of you must have heard about the death of Jordan Neely. But recently, some crucial information about Jordan Neely’s death left the citizens of the United States and Canada speechless.

How would you react if you heard that people donated money to a criminal? It’s shocking, right? You should go through the entire article to find out why the Daniel Penny Gofundme news is trending.


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What is the matter of the fundraising website?

Daniel Penny, a former Marine, recently chokeholds a homeless subway rider named Jordan Neely in a subway station in Manhattan. The New York police finally arrested Daniel Penny for murdering Jordan Neely. But the lawyers of Daniel Penny raised more than $300,000 in a legal defense fund for him. 

How to Support Daniel Penny?

The lawyers of Daniel Penny already set up a fundraiser for 24-year-old Penny. The lawyers set up the fundraiser on a Christian crowdfunding website called GiveSendGo. People from several states already donated money for Daniel Penny’s lawsuit. The funds that are collected by several people are going to be used for paying Daniel Penny’s legal fees. 

What Happened on that day?

According to freelance journalist Juan Alberto Vazquez, the witness of the incident, 30-year-old Jordan Neely entered the train and started screaming about being thirsty and hungry. Suddenly 24-year-old Daniel Penny appeared and chokehold Jordan Neely on the train’s floor. 

Jordan Neely was flailing his arms and kicking his legs to free himself. According to the viral Daniel Penny Video, Daniel chokeholds Jordan Neely for more than three minutes. Jordan tried his best to escape from the capture of Daniel Penny. But unfortunately, he couldn’t free himself, and no one else helped him. After struggling a lot, Jordan Neely finally lost his life. 

Why was Jordan Neely screaming on the train?

According to Juan Alberto Vazquez, Jordan Neely seemed frustrated for being “fed up and hungry” and “tired of having nothing.” In 2007, Jordan Neely lost his mother. According to some of Jordan Neely’s life history Video YouTube, he was upset since someone brutally killed his mother. 

Jordan Neely used to be an amazing dancer. You will be amazed to hear that in Times Square, Jordan Neely was a well-known Michael Jackson impersonator. But gradually, Jordan started to face hard times. He started living on the streets. 

Where can we find the viral Video Subway?

The video is available on various social media platforms. As many viewers shared the video on social media sites, you can find it on Twitter, Telegram, YouTube, and other platforms. But we are not sure if you found the entire video. 

You can find some short clips and screenshots of the original video. But you need to be careful while opening any link on Reddit and Twitter. Many people are spreading fake links to the video. Once you open the link, it can affect your device. 

What happened to Daniel Penny?

Daniel Penny surrendered to the New York police. Alvin Bragg, the Manhattan District Attorney, said that Daniel Penny would be charged with second-degree manslaughter for Jordan Neely’s death on Wednesday. 

Many people even searched for Jordan Neely and Daniel Penny’s Wiki to know more details about them. But if you want to see recent updates about this topic, you can check our “Social Media Sites Links” section. 

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Neely’s Family set up a fundraiser for the funeral expenses of Jordan Neely. As of Friday morning, through a GoFundMe page, they collected more than $59,000. They want justice for Jordan Neely’s brutal death. Click here to watch the interview video of Daniel Penny’s attorney.

Have you donated to Jordan Neely’s funeral? Please comment. 

Daniel Penny Gofundme– FAQs:

Q.1 How old was Jordan Neely?

Ans. 30 years old.

Q.2 Who killed Jordan Neely?

Ans. Daniel Penny.

Q.3 Is Daniel Penny a former Marine?

Ans. Yes.

Q.4 How did Jordan Neely die?

Ans. Daniel Penny choked Jordan to death.

Q.5 When did the incident happen?

Ans. On 1st May 2023, at around 2.30 p.m.

Q.6 Who was the witness of the incident?

Ans. Juan Alberto Vazquez, a freelance journalist.

Q.7 Did Jordan Neely harm anyone first?

Ans. No.

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