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Lamar Loves Pets .com: Is Billboard Shoutable News Legit? Check Latest Updates Now!

This article will tell you about the advertising company Lamar Love Pets .com and find out how to see your pet on the Billboard for free.

Do you own a pet? Do you want to see your pet on the Billboards? How to make our pet famous across the country with Lamar Advertising Company is one of the leading companies that promote the brand and other advertisements on the famous Billboard of the United States. 

Lamar Advertising Company is celebrating pet month and posting pictures of pets on the Billboard for free. Find out the complete information on how to promote your pets on the Billboard with Lamar Love Pets .com


Lamar Billboard advertisement

The Lamar advertising company shares pictures of your pets on the Billboard to express your love. The campaign was to promote animal love during National Pet Month in May. The company is allowing the citizens to promote their beloved animals on the popular digital Billboards of the USA. In Addition, the company offers free advertisements. You can easily select the picture of your animal and write a one-liner statement for your pet. 

The advertising company also allows the customers to design templates and select the particular Billboard location. You can also adjust the time and date of the advertisement to reveal on the Billboard. Your pet is ready to get featured on your favorite Billboard. 

Lamar Love Pets ShoutableShoutable

The Lamar advertising company is partnering with the Shoutable website to celebrate national pet month. The company is registering the pet for the Billboard advertisement, and they have reached the maximum submission capacity. At Soutable, more than 1000 applications have been coming in daily to promote their pets on Billboard. 

However, this week’s booking has reached its maximum, so that you can share your story on Monday. The Billboard registration will open on 15 May 2023 at 7:00 AM. Additionally, the campaign will continue up to 31 May 2023. Once you submit a registration, you will get a slot to select the time and date of promoting your pet.

Lamar Love Pets Billboard 

People are surprised by the free advertisement of pets on Billboards. Therefore, many people believe it is a fake campaign, and the company is a fraud. However, the reality is completely different. Lemar is promoting the pets on Billboard; the services are also free. 

Moreover, you can find information and customer reviews on their social media and other platforms. The great response and demand for pet promotion create excitement among US citizens. Many people appreciate this campaign for promoting the pet and giving funding to pet orphanages or pet health communities. 

Lamar Love Pets .com Registration process

Lamar advertising gives customers a simple platform to promote the pet directly on Billboard with easy registration. You can follow these steps to see your pet on Billboard:

  • Lamar advertising registration is open at
  • You can register your pet information along with the name and picture you want to display on Billboard.
  • Select the Billboard location.
  • You can customize your Billboard template.
  • Select the time slot.
  • Submit your application.
  • Additionally, the free Billboard display only lasts for 15 minutes.

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Final Verdict

The Lamar advertising company is advertising your pet on the popular Billboard of the USA. If you want to see your pet’s image with the name on the digital Billboard, you can register your application on the website You can also find additional information on their Facebook and Instagram pages. 

Would you live to see your pet on Billboard? Comment below. 

Lamar Love Pets .com: FAQs

Q1 Can we add multiple pictures of our pet on Billboard?

Only one picture will display on the Billboard. You can add multiple pictures by making a collage.

Q2 What is the location of Lamar advertising company in the US?

The company is located at 12001 Interstate 30, Frontage Road, Little Rock, AR, United States, Arkansas.

Q3 How to contact Lamar advertising company for personal advertisements?

You can contact the company through the email ID or call +1501 562 2476.

Q4 Can we also promote our Company through Lamar’s advertising platform?

Yes, you can promote your brand advertising company.

Q5 How can we share the Billboard advertisement with a friend and family? 

We can share the link to the registration after submission to our friends and family. 

Q6 Is Lamar Love Pets Billboard News Legit?

Yes, Lamar is officially promoting multiple pets on the popular Billboard of the USA.

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