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Cyt Token To PHP {Aug} Token Price, How To Buy? Chart!

Cyt Token To PHP {Aug} Token Price, How To Buy? Chart! >> This article gives you information about the price and market statistics of the newly launched Crypto token.

Are you confused about CYT supply suddenly spiking in the market? Are you confused between Coinary(CYT) and Cryptokenz(CYT)? Do you want to know the current market statistics of CYT? 

You are now reading the correct article, which will clarify your doubts about CYT and also provides information about the market details of CYT. The Coinary(CYT) was recently launched in August, targeting investors in the Philippines and the United Arab Emirates. So, please read this article about Cyt Token to PHP until the end to answer your questions.

About CYT Token:

Coinary(CYT) is the digital currency used in the Coinary multiverse, especially in the Dragonary game on the Roblox platform. There are no network (or) transaction fees for receiving Non-fungible tokens (or) for trading in CYT on Dragonary. 

Cryptokenz is a different digital coin launched in 2015 and is also represented by the digital coin symbol CYT. However, Cryptokenz is declared inactive with a market supply of 0 coins and with past 24 hours of trading volume as low as ₱311.36. We will discuss about Coinary Cyt Token to PHP in below section.

We hope this clarifies the difference between Coinary(CYT) and Cryptokenz(CYT) and about active CYT in the market. So, let us look at the performance of Coinary(CYT) below. 

Only one billion CYT tokens will be issues to keep control over the CYT price increase. Hence, the one billion CYT tokens are planned to be supplied for ten years.

Coinary Token Founder:

  • Yohan Graterol is the founder of CYT token. 
  • Graterol is the Co-Founder of Callisto and also Coinary-Dragonary. In addition, Graterol is Open Source Contributor for Open Source Initiative (OSI) for more than eight years. Know more about Cyt Token to PHP in next section.
  • He holds experience as Python Developer, Fedora Ambassador, MongoEngine Maintainer, Software Developer, and Head of Engineering in various companies. 
  • As Callisto launched this CYT, most of the members from Callisto hold CYT.

How to buy Coinary Token?

Currently, we will show you the process of interchange via Apeswap.

  1. You need to have an account on Binance Smart Chain(BSC) portal, and Apeswap
  2. Buy Binance coins
  3. Connect your MetaMask wallet to Binance
  4. Go to interchange option
  5. To start interchange, choose CYT 

The Price of Cyt Token to PHP:

The price of 1 Coinary Token is ₱0.51. The anticipated price of CYT in the future is given below:

  • ₱38.78 by the end of 2022
  • ₱43.09 in 2023
  • ₱45.32 in 2024 and
  • ₱46.26 in 2025

Coinary Token Market:

  • Price is ₱0.51
  • Transfers – 8,867
  • CYT Holders – 4805
  • Total Supply – CYT 999,238,351.092392 
  • Market Cap – ₱1,344,394,794,463,284,224.00
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap – ₱0.00
  • Decimals – 9
  • Market Rank – not available
  • 24h volume – ₱7,900,567,672,082.26

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. What is the official Contract Address to Use?

A1. Use 0x2895ae9064180d26f4043569707cb8dc55336b83 as CYT contract address

Q2. What is the Official Link of Coinary(CYT) as per Cyt Token to PHP?

A2. The official website link is

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  • The statistics for Coinary to PHP for past 24 hours (or) seven days, high and low value of CYT  is unavailable as Coinary was recently launched. 
  • As CYT is new in the market, it will take few weeks (or) even months to establish itself
  • Only after few months investors will know CYT performance for investment decisions
  • Investing in low volumes to avoid losses if CYT deflates or
  • Hence, we suggest waiting for few weeks before investment in Cyt Token to PHP

Do you want other details? Please ask in comment section.

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