Bnb to Cyt 2021

Bnb to Cyt (Aug 2021) Price, Prediction & How To Buy?

Bnb to Cyt (Aug 2021) Price, Prediction & How To Buy? >> Please read this article to learn about a cryptocurrency game based on a crypto token unit and the purchase of its tokens.

In the world of cryptocurrency, earning money by playing games has become a popular concept. It allows traders to adapt to new techniques by increasing their gaming skills. Cryptocurrency is often perceived as an intricate income method, but the games make it easier. 

In today’s write-up, we have discussed a cryptocurrency game called Dragonary and its native token, CYT. We have also covered the conversion of Bnb to Cyt, with which the traders worldwide, including the Philippines, want to be acquainted. 

What Is Cyt Token

Coinary or CYT is a recently launched token used for trading in the game of Dragonary. The game involves rearing and taming dragons and fights between dragon teams. The battles can be either with the environment or with another player. The victories are rewarded as the Coinary tokens.

The NFT dragons can be exchanged with other players or the marketplace to receive the CYT tokens. These creatures’ elements, like electric, ice, and air, provide the dragons with unique skills, such as healing or damaging capacities, helping the players’ level up. Please continue reading to know how to convert Bnb to Cyt.

Founder of Cyt Crypto

Crypto dealers are eager to know about the details of founders. The co-founders of this crypto token are Alejo Chabab (CEO) and Yohan Graterol (COO).

Price of The Coinary Token Today

The current price of the Cyt token is $0.328990.

Cyt Token Supply / Market Supply

  • Market Cap Rank – Unknown
  • Market Cap – $84,188,447
  • Maximum Supply – 1,000,000,000 CYT
  • All-Time High/All Time Low – Unavailable
  • 24-hour High/24-hour Low – Unknown
  • 24-hour Trading Volume – Unknown
  • Circulating Supply – Unavailable
  • Total Supply – 256,000,000 CYT

How To Purchase The Coinary Token By Converting Bnb to Cyt

  • Click on ‘Buy Crypto’ on the Binance portal.
  • Choose P2P trading and click on BNB under the Buy mode. 
  • From the menu, select your fiat currency, and click on ‘Buy BNB’ after opting for a verified seller. 
  • Next, enter the amount of money you want to invest and transfer the coins to ‘Fiat and Spot’.
  • Connect a Binance compatible wallet like Metamask and under ‘Withdraw Crypto’, transfer the coins from Binance to Metamask. 
  • Finally, open the Metamask window and exchange the required number of coins from Bnb to Cyt.

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the smart contract address of the Cyt token?

A1. The smart contract address of the Coinary token on Bsc Scan is 0xd9025e25bb6cf39f8c926a704039d2dd51088063.

Q2. What was the initial airdrop quantity of this coin?

A2. The initial airdrop of this crypto token was 41,000,000.

Q3. What is the total number of tokens that the Dragonary team will attain?

A3. The total number of coins that the Dragonary group shall get is 50 million. 

Q4. What are the two combat modes in Dragonary?

A4. The two fight modes in this game are Player Vs. Environment (PVE) and Player Vs. Player (PVP).

Q5. Can I convert Bnb to Cyt by using my credit card?

A5. Many credit and debit card companies deny the purchase of cryptocurrency, so it is better to avoid them. You can use P2P trading instead, for transferring the coins locally. You can view Coinary token’s and get the latest updates. 


Unlike most of the crypto coins that lock their total number of tokens for a few years, Dragonary locks its total supply for ten years as it has faith that this crypto token shall prosper more in the coming days. However, before converting your valuable Bnb to Cyt, we suggest you read Common Cryptocurrency Scams And How To Avoid Them for staying safe. 

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