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Crypto Eats Scam (October 2021) Find The Truth Here!

The guide shares details about the new Crypto Eats Scam to help others from falling prey to such scams.

Cryptocurrency is everywhere, and it has successfully marked its presence in almost all businesses and niches. Even the food delivery apps are accepting Crypto as a mode of payment. Yes, it is true because a new food delivery application called Crypto Eats claims to accept payments for food delivery via Crypto tokens and coins. 

However, suppose you are new to the Crypto world and don’t know much about the volatile Crypto market. In that case, you can be scammed easily via Crypto Eats Scam, targeting many people across the United Kingdom.       

We will discuss the scam more.

What is Crypto Eats?

Crypto Eats claim to be the first decentralized food delivery application that aims to accept payments via Cryptocurrency. The application is rumored to be launched in early 2022, making food ordering and delivery smoother for the residents in the United Kingdom.

The application claims to bridge the food delivery payment system by accepting Crypto tokens and coins instead of card payment and COD. As per the sources, the food delivery application is launched with all eyes on the cloistered blockchain expert, Wade Philips. 

Who is the Founder of Crypto Eats?

Before accessing the reality of the Crypto Eats Scam, let us learn a bit about the founder and the market analysis of the native token.    

Crypto Eats is founded by the reclusive blockchain expert and developer Wade Philips. He is an expert blockchain developer with years of experience in the field. The application is in the development stage and set for release by early 2022.

What is the Market Statistics of the EATS?

As per the resources, the live market capitalization of the native token EATS is $875.384. The coin reached the scale of seven million dollars in just ten minutes after it got released on exchanges.

The total and maximum supply available is 7 000 000 000 000 000 EATS.

What is the Crypto Eats Scam All About?

Crypto Eats is the newly designed food delivery application with the native coin EATS. But, some of the Crypto investors have been complaining that the application and its native token is a scam. 

Many people have lost their money in this new Crypto scam. The project claims to allow residents to order foods and use Crypto as a payment option. The developer has been advertising the app cleverly to attract millions of investors. 

But, when the application was scheduled to go live, the team said it was hacked, and everything from their social page to the website went offline. So, it seems to be a fraud, and people must not attract to this Crypto Eats Scam.      

People who have already invested in the EATS coin cannot redeem or exchange them on any exchanges. Holders are getting error messages when attempting to exchange it for BNB.

What are the Reactions of People?

 After evaluating online, we found many details about the scam. People are taking the discussion forum and social media to express their thought about the scam. After the application is released, many investors have invested their money into the project without knowing about the Crypto Eats Scam.

However, when they are attempting to exchange the EATS coin, they are getting an error message. Some holders have also said that their website and social links are not active now after the team claimed they were hacked before the scheduled launch.  

So, people are now urging others to stay alert from such scams. 


Crypto Eats seems to be a scam project which are targeting people to steal their money. Many holders have confirmed that they are doing scams to steal their money, and now they cannot exchange their EATS for any supporting crypto coin or token.

If you want to avoid such a Crypto Eats Scam, ensure to learn the common cryptocurrency scams and how to avoid them to stay protected and safe. You may check online for more details about the EATS Scam.   

Are you a victim of such a scam? Then, please share what steps you have taken to report it in the comment section.

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