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Crypter Token {Oct 2021} Coin Price, Chart, How To Buy?

The article discussed a type of cryptocurrency or NFT token that is one of its kind. Read on Crypter Token if you wish to know more.

Do you like investing? Have you ever invested in Non-fungible tokens? What do you know about Cryptocurrency? What is a Crypter? How to buy a Crypter? Please read the write-up to know more.

 The NFTs and Cryptocurrency industry is on boom today. Cryptocurrency is drawing the attention of investors these days. Investors are also following the growth of NFTs. In the United States and worldwide, people want to know more about Crypter Token.

 What is a Crypter?

Crypter is a Crypto token or currency. Crypter is originally developed on the binance (Binance smart chain). They are a newly launched website providing Cryptocurrency or tokens to the users. The crypter is based on the ‘engage to earn’ concept.

 Crypter is a reward-earning platform where you can engage in different activities and collect rewards. Crypter was launched through social media platforms. NFTs are also involved in this. Crypt Token is the currency for Crypter. 

 This Cryptocurrency has exploded on the internet and social media. More and more people are searching for Crypter and Crypto Token.

 What is Crypter Token Price?

In the Cryptocurrency and NFTs market, new tokens or coins are released every other week or so. Crypter’s currency ‘Crypto Token’ is the biggest thing in the market these days. People interested in Crypto are closely paying attention to this token.

 Recently, the Crypto token price is $ 0.000000008202; the maximum price for the past 24 hours was $ 0.000000008747, and the minimum price was $ 0.000000007382. 

 The overall growth percentage of Crypto tokens over the past few days as per Binance is approx. 11.1%. And as per Bitcoin, the overall growth percentage is somewhere around 10.7%. Its price chart is highly fluctuating.

 About the Crypter Founders

The Crypter Token was launched by Innovative social networking platform. But the person behind its development and creation is unknown. We cannot find out the person behind the idea of “Engage to Earn” instead of Play-to earn.

 They have an official website, a telegram group and a Twitter page, but information about the developer or designer is not disclosed anywhere. 

Information about Crypto token supply

The total and maximum supply of Crypto tokens in the market is 1,000,000,000,000,000. The trading volume for the past 24 hours is $ 1,243,216. The fully diluted valuation stands at $ 8,305,715.

 The highest price in the past seven days was $ 0.000000008661. The lowest price in the past seven days was $ 0.000000007661. 

How to buy a Crypter Token? A perfect guide with Trustwallet

  1. Please create an account on Binance because it is available on BSC (Binance Smart chain).
  2. Connect your bank account with the trust wallet.
  3. Deposit the funds in the form available or acceptable (it may be fiat or CryptoCrypto).
  4. Connect your account with your trust wallet with pancake swap.
  5. Convert your money into BNB through pancake swap.
  6. Swap your BNB into a Crypto token by using a pancake, and finally, you have your token.


  1. What will allow the user to swap inside the social network?

         DEX and Fiat to Crypto wallet integration will allow the Crypter Token swap.

     2      What is the price of Crypter?

The Crypto token price is $ 0.000000008202.  

    3         Is Crypter on telegram?

  Yes, Crypter has a group on telegram by the name of ‘Crypter-Social Network.’

 Final Verdict

We conducted proper research on the newly released Crypter (Cryptocurrency), we can say that it is one of the trending tokens in the market, but it has not seen a great boost. Crypto token is based on Binance Smart Chain. People from the United States would be interested in this token. 

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