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Comic Coin Crypto (Feb) How To Buy? Contract Address

In this Comic Coin Crypto post, you will know about an exciting blockchain uniquely built for comic lovers.

Do you know about a blockchain made only for the artist and fans of comics and anime? This post will discuss a blockchain that is solely built for comics fans. The project that we will discuss is known as Comic Coin, and it is already getting the attention of investors in the United States and many other countries. The idea is a bit different and can take over many memes and crypto projects in terms of demand. 

In this post, let us further learn more about Comic Coin Crypto

What is Comic Coin? 

It is a project built on a Binance Smart Chain, and it is currently a BEP 20 token. The project mainly focuses on Non-Fungible Token (NFT), and it has its own NFT marketplace where users can buy and sell their digital arts and comics. The project promotes artists, publishers, and content creators and gives them a platform to appreciate their stuff. 

The project aims to utilize this token to form a video-streaming platform. The project, for now, looks amazing and exciting as it has many unique things to offer to its users and investors.

Founders of Comic Coin Crypto

It is one of the unique first projects in the comic, manga, and anime industry. It has the potential, but only if the team comprises visionary professionals. Here are some of the members of the team behind this token:

  • Jerry Thach Le – FOUNDER.
  • Henry Dao – CO-FOUNDER.
  • Jessy Nguyen – CO-FOUNDER.
  • Turbo Pham – CO-FOUNDER.
  • Amy Huynh – CO-FOUNDER.
  • Sunny Nguyen – CO-FOUNDER.

Price of the Comic Coin Today

This coin’s price is not present anywhere on the internet, and we guess that the Comic Coin Crypto is fairly new now. Therefore, it is not out for the investors to trade this token. 

We will update you as soon as we get any information related to this token. In the meantime, you can join their community to know more about the token.

Statistics of Comic Coin

  • Ticker – COMIC.
  • Contract address – 0x7af7c313b28e29563f714453cfcd4dc641c0bc8e.
  • Total Supply – 10,000,000 COMIC.
  • Circulating Supply – 10, 000,000 COMIC.
  • Holders – 2.

How to buy Comic Coin? 

There is no information related to buying this token either on the official platform of Comic Coin Crypto However, it is fairly clear that the token is not out now for trading, and you can’t currently buy it, but it will be available soon, hopefully. 

So, if you have gotten fond of this token and its concept, you have to wait a little longer to get this token.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the official platform of Comic Coin?

A1. The website of Comic Coin is https://www.comic.one/

Q2. What is the contract address of COMIC?

A2. The contract address of Comic Coin Crypto is 0x7af7c313b28e29563f714453cfcd4dc641c0bc8e.

Q3. What is the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2022?

A3. Check out this post to know about the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2022.

The Final Verdict

The concept of this project is very exciting. You can watch, buy or sell any comic, art on this platform using its token. But it is not trading yet, and we can’t say that this project will succeed before its release. It is requested and recommended to explore and research well before investing in this crypto coin. Check out this link to know more about the Comic Coin.

What are your views on this Comic Coin project? Do you want to trade digital arts and comics on NFT’s? Let us know in the comment section below. Also, do share this Comic Coin Crypto price to inform others. 

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